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Thread: MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic

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    Lightbulb Martingale/Anti-Martingale Hedger EA

    Ok, here is the deal.

    I developed a Martingale EA which tries to be as robust/safe as possible for these systems.

    Key points are: selective entry points based on multiple time-frames to avoid long reverse trends, limiting the drawdowns but when those are reached the robot uses an anti-martingale system to dismount those positions(do not close them all like 99% of the other systems).

    So back to the deal, I would like to find a group of testers (similar to what they did with Blessing) that are able to backtest, optimise and if possible forward test it. Not to waste our time, I need people that are familiar with those processes. In exchange if you find a good setting, and prove it works in one month forward, I will grant you a licence of the system.

    Currently the system is optimised for only EURGBP_M1. It works well with low volatility pairs.
    I back tested for this year, and it does 15-20% a month with around 100 trades/month.

    Attached Images Attached Images MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic-strategytester_20130819_v1-7_twoframecomp_mult-1-5_minlot-0-02_div-3_maxrdd-300_maxorders-6_prof-gif 

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    I am very familiar with hedging and martingale as I use it on most of my real accounts with great success.
    I'll help you test and give input.

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    I have used the Original file at the first page of this threat. I wonder if it is possible to do the buy or sell action by yourself, and let the Martingail do the rest.
    eg: my action buy 0.01 lots eurusd at 1.35000

    and where the Original file does 0.02 lots eurusd when it's bearish at first moment

    after that close when profit is about 10%.

    Hope you understand what I mean, sorry for my bad English

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    Hello, I'm trying this EA on demo with these settings, meanwhile the post backsteting 2013. giulio
    Strategy Tester Report
    XM.COM-Demo (Build 509)

    Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
    Period 30 Minutes (M30) 2013.01.01 23:00 - 2013.12.24 19:00 (2013.01.01 - 2013.12.25)
    Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
    Parameters step=500; StepMode=0; proffactor=100; mult=1.5; lotsbuy=0.01; lotssell=0.01; per_K=5; per_D=3; slow=3; zoneBUY=80; zoneSELL=20; Magicbuy=555; Magicsell=556;
    Bars in test 13137 Ticks modelled 9162760 Modelling quality 90.00%
    Mismatched charts errors 0
    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 1274.43 Gross profit 4524.51 Gross loss -3250.07
    Profit factor 1.39 Expected payoff 0.79
    Absolute drawdown 755.70 Maximal drawdown 1460.08 (39.42%) Relative drawdown 39.42% (1460.08)
    Total trades 1617 Short positions (won %) 788 (74.75%) Long positions (won %) 829 (77.44%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 1231 (76.13%) Loss trades (% of total) 386 (23.87%)
    Largest profit trade 371.46 loss trade -96.00
    Average profit trade 3.68 loss trade -8.42
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 25 (500.50) consecutive losses (loss in money) 7 (-438.82)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 500.50 (25) consecutive loss (count of losses) -438.82 (7)
    Average consecutive wins 5 consecutive losses 1

    as they say better safe but a few, I am content with the result for now

    MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic-strategytester-gif
    0.02 lots
    MartingailExpert v1 Stochastic-strategytester-gif
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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Just put :

    maxlotsbuy = 100
    = 100

    maxorderbuy = 100
    maxordersell = 100

    stopequpityover : 1000000
    Hi Funyo, can you please input max trades in original code. if trades reches max trades and turn not to profit,then force close all.This will serve as control to martingail when it runs wild.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by q8m2002 View Post
    that what ea do
    Which version you are using? Look's good on profit.

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    Hi. I'm testing MartingailExpert EA on my demo acount which has 100.000 usd balance and the results seems to be fine enough for me.
    However I need to modify the paremeters of the EA before using on my real account which has only 1000 USD balance. Because I can not sell/buy 20 lots, it will wipe my account . Max lots I can buy or sell USDTRY currency is 0.3 lots.
    spread=50 pips

    How should I modify following default values?
    step: 25
    stepmode: 0

    At least can anyone tell me the meaning of these parameters please? Thank you.
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    look so funny

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