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Thread: How to backtest EAs ?

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    History data is VERY IMPORTANT for back testing.
    You a completely right!

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    After reading and playing around, I've come to the conclusion that MT4 backtesting is very slow. But, it seems super slow on my computers and I'm using new systems. With no custom indicators and a basic funyoo ea, I can get through maybe a weeks worth of data in 12 hours. And, maybe I'm crazy, but it seems like it slows down the longer the test runs as if there is a memory leak. At two weeks a day it's going to take me 26 days to get through a years worth of data (not taking the memory leak symptom into account). How long on average does it take all of you to get through a years worth of data? What am I doing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airplane34 View Post
    thanx your post. good job.
    Uh, you're welcome? I was hoping to delete my last post here, but looks like I can't now. Anyway, I finally figured it out. Turn off visual mode, doh. Wow, what a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johno View Post
    Hi Funyo
    Could you please tell me what data supplier you use for your back tests..

    Hi johno,

    See here : MT4 tick data

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    We've started a new service that can provide you with good historical data, please see details here.
    Full list of data is shown here

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