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Thread: What is the code that alow the EA to work on Real account

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    Default What is the code that alow the EA to work on Real account

    hi i have an expert advisor custom and is not working on real account.... what i must edit on it to work?
    Lets to the best!

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    If this is a commercial EA and you have downloaded a Demo trial version, then the programmer has set up a sub routine that checks for Live Accounts and immediately disables the EA from trading.

    Some non-commercial programmers providing frees EA's from forums will also do this so that Newbies don't use new EA's on live accounts that have not yet been tested thouroughly and properly debugged.

    Without these intentional restrictions, EA's should work equally well on Live or Demo accounts.

    I'm sure if you post the EA in .mq4 format, several programmers here will look at it for you.

    Dave R.

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    hi how to download

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    buy the ea from the owner, or else decompile the file and it's only works with mt4 update below 600++.

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