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Thread: EMA+RSI+Stocastic EA !! Few operation but good

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    Default EMA+RSI+Stocastic EA !! Few operation but good

    Hello i want share a profitable EA

    DRAWDOWN 5.5 % IN 10 YEARS !

    If any programmer is interested in some tips I would change it.

    1) Calculate an average gap of all the years between ema 6 and ema 200.

    If the average gap is broken, or we are in a situation that is >= 50% from the average gap start the trading system.

    2) Calculate the average number of pips that can the price go down \ up in an area of ​​oversold \ overbought with RSI indicator.
    the positions will be open every x pips if the price goes up \ down to mediate the entry, or possibly work in a martingale.

    3) t\p the first target ema 20, 50 second target, the third target 200.

    if you want you can open a position for 2 lot because there are few operation but profitable.

    If you have any suggestions or want to optimize comment, comment, comment.


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