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    Default Order Hunter EA

    Hi! guys. I'm using this for 2 months now. This EA rocks! I'm not good in creating EAs but I want to modify this EA to make it very much more profitable. This EA has a hidden TP and SL upon the "opening" of its pending "buy stop" and "sell stop" order, but my problem is the broker fast requote in fast changing market. To resolve this problem, I want to automatically add TP and SL to all the pending orders prior of entering market instead of the hidden TP and SL.

    I need your help guys.

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    Post It really rocks like 100pips v3.1 ea

    I have tried the ea and its too much. I wonder where you got it from. I am not a coder so i advice you look for one to unlock this ea's potential. I have been using 100pips on demo and it rocks and when i put it on live $28 deposit,it triple it in 2hrs and i lost all in 30mins. I guess we are looking for one thing which is to make our ea's very profitable. I want my ea to open a stoploss at entry price but i am not sure if(stoploss=4){ stoploss = OrderOpenPrice(); } is the code needed tn be inputed. But great ea though. My email is ukezy4sure@gmail.com. Mail me let communicate.

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    The system of this EA is like breaking the Support and Resistance (creating buying orders in the resistance and selling orders in the support) in lower time frame. But if the price will not breakout, 2pips is still possible because of the candle shadows, and if the price will breakout, you will have a chance to gain more pips. Making this EA almost 99% accurate.

    The problem is the fast requote (widening the spread) of broker in the "fast moving market", The result = even if the TP 2pips has been reach already it wont close the trade due to the requote.

    The only solution we need is to add "slippage" and "trailing stop" to this EA. Making the TP more secured and the bigfish (price breakout) will be trailed and catch.

    I hope somebody can help us here! thanks!

    Have a happy pips everyone!

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    Thumbs up

    I think the order hunter is an interesting idea.
    I will try this ea and if it makes sense for me i will code the tp&sl stuff and share it here.
    thanks for sharing.
    PS. English is not my language...

    Hanxiong M.

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    Anybody Can Code This Strategy as an EA Please ?

    > EA will open 15 BUY STOP orders & 15 SELL STOP orders. ( number of orders changeable )
    keeping distance 10 Pips from the market price/or given price ( changeable )
    take profit 10 pips & stop loss 15 pips ( changeable) instant.

    Now, if price triggers BUY STOP & hit take profit, as soon as this Order closed

    1> EA will Add a New SELL STOP just above those older Sell Stop orders maintaining the same
    distance 10 pips.

    2> At the same time it will remove a Sell Stop Order from the bottom of those
    older Sell Stops.

    3> EA will add a New BUY STOP order just above those older Buy Stops keeping
    the same distance 10 pips.

    4> EA will close a SELL STOP order from the bottom of the older Sell Stops
    As long as market will go to the same direction and hit take profit, EA will
    keep continue the rules. {( all these 4 things must happen in a second ( no delay)}

    > If price triggers SELL STOP first, then opposite rules will be applied ( I hope it's easy for you to understand )

    So, always pending orders distance will be 10 + 10 = 20 pips from the market price

    >>> Now, if price comes back & hit stop loss then EA will add a BUY STOP Just bellow the previous buy stop order
    maintaining the same distance 10 pips.

    >>> And just opposite rules will be applied if price comes back after hitting a Sell Stop & hit stop loss.

    *Number of Pending orders always will be 15 + 15 = 30 (or 29 , coz one will be opened order)

    *please code it for 5 digit mt4
    If I did any mistake (wrong) in description please pardon me and kindly fix it. Hope to get Quick Help.


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