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    Default Frank_ud

    Gbpusd, Tf H1.
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    It's all about parameters and risk/money management.....Incredible EA but not for the uninitiated... use at your own risk...
    I have actually used and made a ton of money with this EA and many of the EA's I write are based on the strategy's and lessons learned from
    Frank_ud...the first is that martingale demands respect!! Backtesting on this EA is misleading as backtester makes trades once per candlestick....but
    the EA in real life trading trades per real life numbers are significantly HIGHER....meaning ALL numbers. The things you should be concerned with are
    Margin, lot size and account blow out....Again...this EA should NEVER be used by a beginner...and seasoned traders probably won't use because of the high risks involved... just my .02 have fun!!
    1.11.2009 till today
    5 Min

    TP 85
    SH 69

    Strategy Tester Report
    FXDD-MT4 Live Server (Build 224)

    Symbol EURAUD (Euro vs. Australian Dollar)
    Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2009.01.12 02:00 - 2009.10.16 23:00 (2009.01.11 - 2009.10.19)
    Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
    Parameters tp=85; sh=69;
    Bars in test 58073 Ticks modelled 6942388 Modelling quality n/a
    Mismatched charts errors 10739
    Initial deposit 50000.00
    Total net profit 336916.81 Gross profit 543386.44 Gross loss -206469.63
    Profit factor 2.63 Expected payoff 212.97
    Absolute drawdown 5175.23 Maximal drawdown 65295.96 (55.55%) Relative drawdown 55.55% (65295.96)
    Total trades 1582 Short positions (won %) 814 (69.53%) Long positions (won %) 768 (64.06%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 1058 (66.88%) Loss trades (% of total) 524 (33.12%)
    Largest profit trade 25966.34 loss trade -3821.21
    Average profit trade 513.60 loss trade -394.03
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 13 (1853.07) consecutive losses (loss in money) 7 (-14320.09)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 27201.23 (11) consecutive loss (count of losses) -14320.09 (7)
    Average consecutive wins 5 consecutive losses 2
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    model quality????????????????????????

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    It's usually 90 percent... The results I posted are not printed n/a...but the nominal quality is always 90 percent on the 5 minute chart EUR/AUD (Note this is data from my live/real server not the demo server.....). I'm not advocating anyone use this EA....but it sure is a really great way to learn about the tremendous risk and equally outrageous rewards possible trading leveraged Forex...please everyone do your own testing (every broker will require analysis to determine unique parameters and whether to even trade).....Learn and make your own decisions ...cautiously...DO YOUR HOMEWORK....gain insight, pay your dues.... If you understand...and see potential in this EA's are only at the beginning of your journey...buckle up enjoy the ride...UNDERSTAND THE STRATEGY COMPLETELY...just taking this EA and plugging it into your Demo or Live account will result total loss of capital....It's kind of like fire....If we use it properly it keeps us warm, cooks our food, enables transportation....If we use it wrong the outcome is catastrophe.. ...have fun and make a buck...
    For some reason...I seem to have lost my "Senior Member" status with Funyoo...
    Hope I didn't get him PO'd!! Please PM me if I have....

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    Default Frank_ud Modified

    USDJPY, TF M30.
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