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    yeah agent rfr n funyoo...your results look unreal...way too is this possible in live trading? will the broker broco allow the use of the ea in live trade? will there be requotes n stuff? what do u guys think?

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    Hi civfan

    Broco mt4 account demo 1k account MM risk 1% its trade 0.01 for gold and 0.02 for silver


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    Hi Funyoo

    this EA can work XAUUSD and XAGUSD broker mt4 ?


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    Default Broco Trader

    I have open demo account in Broco Trader , but don't have GCG0 and SIH0 pairs , what's the problem ?

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    As I post before, it gave me this message: "order buy 0.05 GCG0 opening at 0.0 sl: 0.0 tp: 0.0 failed [Not enough money]", when used 1% risk in a 5k broco demo acc.

    It is a interesting ea, but the fact that it is not possible backtest it, one should be carefull about it.

    Consider live, the main threaten is the time execution. This is a very time execution dependent ea, and that seemed to be a hard job in real trading, besides requotes, broker can easilly manipulate that and also as stated in broco trader definition, execution can have a delay in average of 3 secs...

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    Most trades stay open for around 3 minutes on average. So time execution should not hamper performance too much.

    I dont have a clue why it works for me and not for you :/

    Is there a happy face in the top right? If there is than there shouldnt be a problem

    @best 2004

    Unless you have a broker with a spread+commission of less than 1 pip, then no.

    So far only the comex gold and comex silver work.

    Update: 51% gain, 4%DD

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    Going to mt4live my demo. Im using the comex gold/silver and EUR/GPB.

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    Funyoo, could you add coding that closes a trade after x hours? This should close losing trades before they become a problem.


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    Thank you Agent.

    I have a happy face.

    It works with the risk 0.5 (not 1%)... At least it didnt work at first.

    But now I see: broco is a 4 digit broker. have you changed the lot digits settings to = 1? I have it as 2, as default.

    have you set any value for TP and SL?

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