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    Hello to everybody !

    Tournaments in the markets Forex and Futures- World Forex Cup. The tournaments are held every hour on demo accounts. The winner takes real money. Competing with other players, you can increase your deposit in a short space of time. Our tournaments are held every hour and every day, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can trade in Forex and Futures, use MTS or trade in the manual mode.
    The system has a transparent monitoring and you can see how other participants trade on-line.
    Register yourself on WFxCup | World Forex Cup, real trading on demo accounts

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    Yeah great to be a part of that tournament...
    Sounds Superb...

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    Sounds interesting!
    I started using an autotrader (buru from IBFX) is this one allowed?
    How many trader are going to participate and is it possible to join twice (once auto, one manual mode)?

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    myfxbook are running a competition with a reward. I have entered, it starts in a few weeks.

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Trading tournaments