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Thread: What do you think about forex ?

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    Default What do you think about forex ?

    I think that forex is a online business where we can trade and earn lot of money. Forex gives us a great opportunity to become rich.

    Every one has their own opinion. What yours ?

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    forex does gives a you an opportunity to earn money but that comes with a price, its not easy to earn i forex you have to very disciplined for earning in forex...

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    you must learn a lot of strategies and practice it

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    Forex trading is risky business but it's also a flexible because we dont need standard working hours, that's why forex trading can be a part time job and full time job. But now, i prefer to be part time trader in forex, because i still trying to get maximal profit consistently in forex with my trading account in TenkoFx

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    forex is a good source of income for partimers and house wives , but it has to be donne with great dedication and thorough knowledge.

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    I think Forex is the best of one online business in the world and Forex is better than other business in the world. It is risky business but so profitable business too. Forex for all, everyone can be trade in Forex. Without hard work and good skills no trader can gain success in Forex. For this purpose people like Forex and trade in Forex.

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    I think if anybody is looking for a partime job than he should opt for forex trading its the best source of income but he should first test his skills in the market.

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    Forex business is a good choice, though forex is high risk but as long as we want to try and not give up easily, forex risk would be minimized. To start trading forex, it would be either through a demo account first,learning and practicing for the psychology, so using a real account will be better. But make sure to make deposit in less margin. as beginner better start to put more value with their account since the beginning. have a spread cost into consideration, while naturally the lower the spread the better for any trading strategies. any expert traders would prefer low spread trading condition, so why beginner trader wouldnt do the same then. personally i would recomend my current broker Armada markets, though its comission based, they offer quite good spreads, won't say raw but with a relatively low markup. Would advice to beginers to move on comission based platform, it can appear to lead to more expenses while it is not the case when getting down to the real practice.

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