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Thread: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

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    Default GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 3, 2017

    The pair GBP/USD has been moving softly and remains resilient despite the appreciation of U.S. dollar since yesterday. This was brought by closing of London market same with the New York market that causing the low liquidity and weak volatility of the pair. Since today is the opening again, it is expected for the pair to gain volatility and waiting for hints on what will happen to the short term trend.

    The U.S. dollar surged in the early weeks of December since the announcement of the Fed rate hike but a few correction were seen as the days advanced near the holidays. This pushed the pair to go lower towards the 1.2400 level predominant in thin market but it is expected that this will only occur for a short period of time. Since it is after holidays, then there will be high liquidity that guarantees the next moves compared to how it was 2 weeks ago.

    The Manufacturing PMI data from U.K. will be announced today that starts this week rich in data while the market awaits if the trend will continued to be supported by U.K. keep posting positive results in the midst of Brexit preparation. However, the surge of dollar may continue for some time while pound weakens. Hence, any form of rebound for the pair signals an opportunity for short-term position.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    Default USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: January 4, 2017

    The USD/CAD was one of the few currency pairs which benefited from the dollar index surge, as well as the recent drop in crude oil prices during yesterday’s trading session, which was the result of the carrying out of the recent agreements between oil production firms. The USD/CAD pair continued to exhibit a somewhat circumspect trading in spite of the dollar strength and has also limited itself to a tight trading range yesterday. The USD/CAD pair made a short-term drop at just below 1.3400 points but eventually reverted back to due an onslaught in demand and is now currently hovering at just below the 1.3450 trading range. The currency pair is expected to increase its strength as the day progresses, especially since majority of traders are now finishing off the holiday season and are now coming back to their trading desks. Even if the increase in the dollar index is not expected to drop anytime soon, its effect on the currency pair is expected to be somewhat subdued since the effect of the dollar surge could be offset by the recent increase in oil prices.

    For today’s trading session, there are no major economic news releases from both Canada and US, and if the USD’s strength continues to go across the board, then the USD/CAD could possibly re-test the 1.3500 levels soon.
    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    Default EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 4, 2017

    As the market’s overall volatility and liquidity returned yesterday following the holiday season, the USD once again exhibited its strength across the board. The strength of the currency was further augmented by the strong economic data which was released from the US. The US Manufacturing PMI data came in yesterday and showed a positive reading of 54.7, which just evident of the US economy’s recently positive economic data. If the nation continues to clock in positive economic sentiments, then this could further cement the chances of more frequent rate hikes from the Federal Reserve this year, and could also lead to faster hike pricing as well.

    As a result, the EUR/USD pair plummeted through 1.0400 points and even surpassed its monthly lows last December for a short duration but eventually recovered during the opening of the European trading session and is currently hovering within the 1.0400 trading range. Market players are expecting the USD’s strength to be felt across the market for today, and if the EUR/USD could manage to break through 1.0400 points, then this could lead to the pair going lower further and possibly reaching 1.0300 points.

    For today’s session, there are no major economic data coming from both the European Union and US and the market is most likely to be dominated by the onslaught of the returning of traders into the market, and any reversion in the EUR/USD should be seen by trades as a short-term opportunity.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    Default GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 5, 2017

    The GBP/USD significantly increased in value during the previous trading session after the USD dropped following the release of the latest FOMC meeting minutes. The market was somewhat docile during the rest of yesterday’s session but immediately picked up after the release of the minutes during the North American session yesterday, and has caused the USD to undergo corrections across the board.

    However, the reaction of the GBP/USD pair to this phenomenon is somewhat docile compared to other USD-related currency pairs, and this is expected to keep the bulls on their toes. Initially, the GBP/USD pair was expected to rise exponentially since the UK construction PMI data clocked in a highly positive reading and exceeded its market expectations of 54.2, and the FOMC minutes lacked the expected hawkishness from the market. But the reason why this currency pair’s growth was significantly limited is that the various risks and uncertainties surrounding the Brexit process continues to dog a lot of traders due to the general confusion within this issue. This is why a number of speculators are saying that the GBP/USD would be receiving the shorter end of the stick once the USD regains its strength.

    Although the UK is not expected to release any economic data for today, the US will be releasing a number of important economic data along with the highly essential NFP report, which is expected to determine the overall market sentiment for the rest of the month. If these set of data comes out as positive, then the USD could possibly rebound and could be sustained until the end of January.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: January 5, 2017

    The USD/CAD pair exhibited a significantly large correction during yesterday’s trading session after the USD lost some of its value due to the absence of a hawkish undertone on the minutes of the FOMC meeting which was released yesterday. The USD/CAD only weakened further since it had already failed to reach the higher trading regions. The USD/CAD pair is now sitting just over the 1.3300 trading region.

    Since oil prices have been generally positive during the past few days, the market expects that its effect would be felt in the current value of the CAD as well, and true enough, the currency pair dropped yesterday while the market went into a lull. The Canadian dollar then extended its losses after the release of the FOMC minutes, which triggered the weakening of the USD and therefore increased the downward pressure on the USD/CAD pair.

    There are no major economic news releases from the Canadian economy for today’s session. However, the US is expecting to release a number of major data, including the Unemployment Claims data, and the ADP employment report. These data are determinant of whether the market would experience added volatility or otherwise, depending on the readings. The US will also be releasing the NFP report tomorrow, which is considered as a critical determinant of market volatility. Traders are encouraged to evaluate the effects of these news releases on the currency pair before trading in on the USD/CAD.
    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    Default EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 5, 2017

    The USD has been exhibiting corrections across the market during the start of today’s trading session, causing the EUR/USD pair to break through 1.0500 before eventually settling at 1.0525 points, with the outlook for the currency pair looking generally positive for today’s session. The market is expected to go through a lot of market volatility during the next few days since there are a number of major economic news releases set to be released in the coming days. However, it is still unclear whether the USD would be able to sustain its corrections in the next few days.

    Since there were no economic data released during the first few hours of the previous trading session, the market has shifted its focus on the minutes of the FOMC meeting. Once the minutes were released, however, the USD sustained damages since the minutes did not have any clear hawkish stances. This has caused the EUR/USD to hit 1.0500 and then went even lower as the USD quickly recovered. The currency pair has since then been regaining its footing after the USD lost some of its strength.

    For today’s trading session, the major economic news releases include the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change data, a precursor to the NFP data which is set to be released during tomorrow’s trading session. The Unemployment Claims data as well as the Non-Manufacturing PMI data will be closely monitored by the majority of market players, since these are expected to continue the generally positive economic trend seen in the US lately. A positive reading from this particular set of data could also become determinants of whether the next interest rate hike from Fed would come earlier, therefore increasing the frequency of hikes. However, if the data comes out as negative, then the USD could be subject to more corrections prior to the release of the NFP economic data.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: January 9, 2017

    The USD/CAD has recently been in a reticent mood during the past few trading sessions, and analysts are speculating that the USD/CAD pair could possibly be in for a good trading session since oil prices have now become buoyant and is expected to remain buoyant since the cutbacks in the production of oil are expected to be implemented anytime soon, thereby spelling good news for the Canadian dollar. The Canadian trade balance data as well as the employment change data also came out exceeding initial investor expectations, and this means that the CAD would be receiving substantial support both in the long term and short term, and the Canadian dollar’s value could be well on its way to increasing.

    In a much more normal market setting, a scenario such as this would automatically lead to a correction in the USD/CAD. However, the USD is also gaining strength alongside the CAD, and this is expected to offset if not completely counter the effects of the recent rise in the value of the Canadian dollar. This situation is then expected to keep the pair within a tight trading range in the short term period. Friday’s session was a testament to this scenario, as the currency pair made a short drop at 1.3200 points but immediately went up above 1.3200 after the release of the economic data from the regions before finally settling just below 1.3250 points. There are no expected economic data to be released from both the Canadian and US economy for today, and this could help the USD/CAD to extend its gains towards 1.3300 points.
    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    Default GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 9, 2017

    A lot of analysts have been initially saying that the GBP/USD pair will be the currency most likely to experience the majority of the adverse effects of the recent surge in the USD’s value, especially since there is a lot of confusion and discussion going on with regards to the provisions of the Brexit process, particularly with its stakeholders, who all have to step up their game in the next two years. This is why the GBP/USD pair has recently become more susceptible than ever, and traders are advised against selling any bounces in the GBP/USD pair. The downward trend in this particular currency pair is very evident, since its bounces have been very few and far in between, with deep corrections dogging the pair’s direction.

    Friday’s session proved this particular downtrend in the pair, since the market has seen the currency pair stop its consolidation and plummeted through 1.2400 points and eventually through 1.2300 points. The NFP report as well as the average wages data from the US also came in last Friday, with the data showing an increase in average wages, thereby increasing chances that the Federal Reserve would be soon stating its next interest rate hike. The Scottish Prime Minister has also released some comments over the weekend, saying that Scotland would most likely undergo yet another vote with regards to “Scexit”, or Scottish independence from the UK. During the controversial Brexit vote, it can be recalled that Scotland initially voted to remain in the European Union but eventually had to concede after majority of the UK states voted to “exit” from the EU. This is only one the many issues surrounding the Brexit process, and will be incessantly putting the sterling pound in great risk.

    There are no major economic data expected today from both the UK and the US, and the market is expected to be continuously dominated by the existing market trends for today’s trading session,and the USD strength is expected to be the driving force behind the market for today.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 9, 2017

    The EUR/USD pair traded in a muted fashion and exhibited ranging and consolidation after falling slightly from its original value following the release of the NFP report as well as US earnings report last Friday. The NFP report fell somewhat short of its initial market expectations. However, the US wage earnings increased significantly, thereby compelling the market to shift its focus instead on the wage earnings data.

    The January report for the average wages data has spelled good news for the market, since it generally shows that more and more people are now able to sustain themselves, and would still be able to do so even if the Federal Reserve chooses to again increase its interest rates as needed. This has caused the USD to regain its losses, with the EUR/USD pair losing its ability to maintain its stance over 1.0600 points and has since then went below 1.0550, where it is still currently situated. Analysts are speculating that the strength of the USD would continue to surge for today’s trading session.

    There are no major economic news releases expected from both the US and the European Union for today, and this means that the current market trends are expected to continue dominating the economy for today. The USD is expected to continue storming through the EUR/USD pair’s trading activity for today, even though this particular currency has exhibited unwavering strength over the past few days. This currency is expected to remain subjected to downward pressure for the rest of today’s session, and this could possibly induce the pair’s direction to move towards 1.0500 points.
    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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    Default AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: January 10, 2017

    The recent drop in the value of the US dollar proved to be good news for the Australian dollar, as this provided substantial support for the AUD during the previous trading session. In spite of the fact that the previous sessions were mostly made up of high bottoms and tops, the Australian dollar was still generally able to maintain its standing on the positive side of the chart. The AUD/USD pair closed down the previous trading session at 0.7353 points after increasing by +0.82% or 0.0060 points.

    A number of Australian economic data was released during Monday’s trading session, with the Building Approvals data coming in at a positive 7.0% reading and the Australian retail sales data coming in at a somewhat dismal reading of 0.2% after failing to meet market expectations of 0.4%. Meanwhile, the US Labor Market Conditions Index dropped by 0.3 points, while the Consumer Credit data surged by 24.5 billion from its previous reading of 18.3 billion.

    The AUD/USD pair will be starting off today’s trading session within a somewhat critical range within 0.7341 to 0.7385 points. If the currency pair moves just underneath 0.7341, then this will be an indicator of a larger selling pressure than buying pressure at the present levels of the pair. Since there are no expected economic news releases from the region for today, traders are most likely to focus on external events and its effect on the USD and subsequently, on its effect on the AUD. The US dollar could lose its appeal as an asset if oil prices drop further which will cause US Treasury yields to fall as well.
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    Andrea ForexMart, Official Representative

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