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    Default Fundamental Analysis: July 19 2016

    Currency Pair GBP/USD (British Pound/U.S. Dollar) has earned 55 points just as the U.S paper dollars go through a few price differences. Short-term buyers are expecting to have a significant data set this impending week since the recent British Prime Minister is now working for a new trade agreement with Europe. The moving average of the sterling pound is 1.3237 and gained up to 0.5% that yielded $1.3256. The pound increased right after the time of announcing the deal for adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and when the policymaker of the Bank of England, Martin Weale released a statement about the need of a firmer financial evidences in order to change bank policy and bring an impact to U.K after they leave EU behind.

    The BOE provided an additional market liquidity and cutback the mandatory capital requirements for the credit unions. Most of the Monetary Policy Committee members is anticipating for a stable movement on the 4th of August immediately prior to the publication of economic conditions and forecast.

    Eventually, Weale will hand his resignation in the rear of the meeting next month. He confirmed that there is no instances of panic selling or panic buying among traders and investors after the strong vote for Brexit last month. Weale also said that central banks are far beyond the horizon of the falling market.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for EUR/USD: July 20, 2016

    The EUR/USD pair went down to 1.1071 while traders sit in anticipation of the ECB meeting scheduled on Thursday, where Mario Draghi is expected to comment about the ECB bond buying program after it drained the market supply. On the other hand, the economic sentiment for the German ZEW went lower due to uncertainties brought about by Brexit, as well as Italian bank concerns and worldwide terrorism attacks.

    The economic sentiment reading for the German ZEW went down drastically at -6.8 points. Meanwhile, the Eurozone ZEW sentiment numbers were released at -14.7 points, with both sentiment readings coming short of its expected numbers.

    The Brexit vote will be affecting not only the German ZEW but also other european countries. Although the German economy has proven to be resilient enough, its economy is still prone to the negative effects of economic events in the nation, and the ZEW numbers is expected to reflect these repercussions.

    The German ZEW economic sentiment surprised the market after a steep decline in July, its first since October 2014. It was initially forecasted to come in at +8.2 points.
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    Default EUR/JPY Fundamental Analysis: July 20 2016

    The EUR/JPY recorded a downturn with an estimate of 35 points to 117.23 after euro traded a flat-lining, though the Japanese yen strongly gained a higher level just before the meeting of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to be held next week, July 28-29. The BoJ expects that banks all over the world will cease the feverish trading cues. While the European Central Bank (ECB) already stated that they will set up a meeting this week.

    The movement of Governor Kuroda's Mario Draghi recovered and will continue to affect him as he stands to lose through the monetary course. However, he can reconsider the route he used to take or measure the BoJ's quantitative easing then accept that he is suffering from defeat. On the other hand, Kuroda could apply the recommendation from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke about the deflation of Japan for a long period of time.

    Whereas, the conjecture of the BoJ on their upcoming meeting is that Japan will pursue the “helicopter money” in order to widen the perpetual bond payments. The analysts from Morgan Stanley pointed out about the reports issued last few months ago by which it appeared that BoJ had an increase on their purchases beyond their official year pace worth $750 billion.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for USD/CAD: July 21, 2016

    The USD gained an increase versus the CAD after investors paid more attention to a possible hike in US interest rates rather than a recovery in oil prices. The USD/CAD pair went up by 0.0036 or +0.28% at 1.3060.

    On Tuesday, the USD/CAD sustained its support from traders after the release of a positive US housing starts data, causing a drastic change in the possibility of a Fed rate hike by at least 50%, after previous indicators showed only a 20% hike.

    The USD was previously backed up by healthy June data of US Non-Farm Payrolls and an unexpected upsurge in retail sales data. On the other hand, the CAD was previously supported by the Bank of Canada’s decision to maintain its interest rates while rallying for a stronger and more stable economic status.
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    Default EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: July 21 2016

    The EUR/USD gradually declined at 1.1009, dropping at 0.0011 or -0.10% because there is a build up of selling pressure that moves technically into a weaker global market since July 2014 which has 1.1164 as their highest points.

    Investors are now fully prepared since the European Central Bank (ECB) have announced their monetary policy today thus resulted to a physically lower level of volume and volatility. According to the ECB, they planned not to enact new policy to their current protocol but it is still possible for the bank to issue a statement about the negative effects of inflation with response to the Brexit decision. After the dovish tone statement made by the ECB they intended to have a break for eight weeks.

    The Brexit decision also affected the main driver of the price growth which is the relative value of U.S. Dollar. The report about the U.S Non-Farm Payrolls for the month of June made the dollar to settle against the Euro and the dollar continuously to heighten just as the U.S. Retail Sales excelled more over their anticipated outcome.

    Yesterday, the report about the bullish housing were released and it supported the Fed rate to have a chance in increasing its rate hike up to 50% in response to the upcoming meeting on the month of December. Due to the absence of any major economic releases the market presented a two-way market on Wednesday.

    In addition to the ECB announcement, traders can decide whether to cutback their positions over the long run since the EUR/USD may continue to finished a lower interest rate because of the rate differential against the U.S dollar. To wrap it up, the ECB could plan for an additional quantitative easing program while the U.S Fed is settling an increase for the recovery of the U.S dollar rate hike.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for EUR/GBP: July 22, 2016

    The EUR/GBP pair finished off last session with a gain of 27 points after the British Pound fell and the Euro sustained its value after the ECB held fast to its policy and rates. Traders are now monitoring Draghi’s address regarding the Brexit vote and the bond buying program. The ECB has left stagnant interest rates in the European Union.

    However, the governing council has not taken any steps in spite of the uncertainties brought about by the Brexit referendum. The headline rates are still at zero and banks are still charged at 0.4% as penalty for leaving money inside the vaults of ECB. Retail sales on the other hand fell rapidly since December, with bad weather in the UK put to blame. Meanwhile the present currency volatility caused by the Brexit referendum and the recent attacks in Nice, France and Turkey continue to affect consumer confidence rates.
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    Default AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: July 22 2016

    The AUD/USD pair shifted from greater rates down to a lesser flat rates earlier today. The Australian dollar is experiencing an adverse situation since its net position turned down against the USD. The AUD trading rate is 0.7476. In spite of the relentless decline of the Aussie dollar, the Reserve Bank of Australia will uphold the reduction of the percentage rates within two weeks, although the rate of the US dollar is surging.

    After an hour session last Wednesday, AUD/USD can be purchased at 0.7477 while the pair flattened again in the Asian trade. The New Zealand dollar also regressed with the AUD. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand released a statement about their reduction on the interest rates, with regards to the restoration of the economic performance that were issued after the session.

    The investors are expectant about the diversion of the United States' monetary policy after the US Federal Reserve increased in percentage rate and the RBA made an interest rate recession. While the Aussie dollar could possibly heightened their rate since it happened last May 2015.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for USD/CAD: July 25, 2016

    The USD/CAD pair closed last week’s session with a gain of 1.21% at 1.3128 points as the commodity prices weighed in on the pair and the USD rallied on the commodity currency. After the Brexit vote, forecasts regarding the international economy has been dim, together with views that monetary policy is slowly fading away, with more and more institutions relying on borrowing policies to survive.

    With the November elections just a few months away, the United States is now facing a period of economic uncertainty. Political and economic risks are felt worldwide not just because of the Brexit, but also of numerous terrorist attacks, particularly in France and Turkey.

    A significant downgrade in Canada’s economic growth forecast from 1.6% to 1.4% signals a rapidly weakening global economy and business investments. The commodity-rich country experienced wildfires in Alberta, one of the country’s primary oil resources, which caused May’s energy-production shutdowns, according to the Conference Board of Canada last Thursday. The IMF later confirmed Canada’s economic downgrade, after their forecast for the Canadian economy showed a dip at 1.4% from 1.5%.
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    Default Fundamental Analysis for EUR/GBP: July 27, 2016

    The EUR/GBP pair went up by 47 points as the British pound reversed its gains after comments from the Bank of England made traders upset, as well as forecasts that the UK will most probably go into recession after the Brexit vote. According to the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), which issues monthly Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) surveys of the UK economy, a “Flash UK PMI” survey will soon be published which will reportedly follow the principles of Markit’s Flash PMIs for the Eurozone.

    Last week’s market activity already exhibited the effects of the Brexit vote on Britain’s declining economic status. An additional report from CIPS/Markit indicated that business activity in the region has been declining at a fast rate, its fastest since 2009. The Composite version of the survey which was released last Friday printed at 47.7, its lowest dip since April 2009.
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    Default USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: July 28 2016

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is preparing to issue an economic stimulus package about the competitive sale of Japan's Fuji TV last Tuesday that reached around 27 trillion yen but Japanese Yen still declined against the U.S Dollar. The exchange rate of USD/JPY is 105.568, up 0.953 or +0.91%.

    The report from Kyodo News about the upcoming announcement of Abe made the US Dollar to gain more over Yen instead, and it approximately achieve $354 billion or 28 trillion yen.

    The stimulus plan of Abe is already prepared before the policy meeting of the Bank of Japan finishes on Friday. The BoJ will lend their support for the monetary policy stimulus.

    USD/JPY is expected to receive a support from the U.S Federal Reserve policy statement if they would release it at 1800 GMT because the Fed would not modify their interest rate in any moment. However, many investors are anticipating for a rate hike in Fed since there is a fifty percent possibility that the BoJ will have an increased on interest rate just before the December meeting take place.

    A Fed rate hike will probably occur this month when the U.S economic reports will suppose to have a stronger result than expected. The U.S Federal Reserve considers some improvement in the labor market, wage growth and inflation before establishing a rate hike before the year ends.

    An inflation hawk will allow the pair USD/JPY to make a progress but may recede if the Fed finishes a dove stances. In the rear of such issues and feedback, the main subject will be the resolution of BoJ on Friday.
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