Big crash with GBP
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Thread: Big crash with GBP

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    Default Big crash with GBP

    GBP has experienced a fatal crash of its value this morning.

    EURGBP : -420 pips
    GBPCHF : -650 pips
    GBPUSD : -690 pips
    GBPJPY : -820 pips
    GBPNZD : -910 pips
    GBPCAD : -910 pips
    GBPAUD : -990 pips

    What happened ?

    It's the end of the Brexit trade.

    The consequence is that UK will lose its place of the 5th world economy for the benefice of France.

    A lot of traders have lost thousands of dollars. And few have been able to enter some trades at the bottom of the candles, making hundreds of pips.

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    All of that is trading currencies... of course that's big losses, but nobody said it was going to be easy, things like that, you need to understand that and be ready.

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    Yes, this is the essence of forex. The other issue is that nobody expected the situation would go that way. I too lost a bit on this pair.

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Big crash with GBP