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Thread: Daily market update

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    World central bankers
    to discuss growth and
    currency perspectives

    US and EU differ on
    strategy and outlook

    Oil recovers slightly
    Gold stays strong

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    Japanese Central Bank pumps
    100 trillion YEN into system
    in effort to weaken currency

    Asian markets soar in
    expectation of weaker YEN

    Australian Dollar strengthens

    OIL prices back
    on USD 75 level

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    Today Asian markets fall because of Japanese stocks which were at new 16-month low. Investors are anxious about influence of the yen on the Japanese economy.

    In Asia the EURO and the USD fall against the YEN.

    Today the EUR/USD pair demonstrates a positive way. The session’s maximum was at 1.2698. Then EURO has turned and currently is near to $1.2670. The pair has to speed up over 1.2710 to prove its uptrend.

    Yesterday weak US data had an impact on the markets. Therefore now investors are waiting for Friday’s employment data to find out if there is reason to expect a double dip recession.

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    The USD dropped against the major currencies as a result of the ADP's data.

    The oil continues its uptrend: the oil prices were supported by the news from the US private sector enterprises which discharged 10.000 workers in August.

    The same situation is with gold prices. The figures of private sector in the US supported the gold growth.

    In investors opinions the Yen will stand strong during whole week.

    China’s figures published today showed the stable growth in the national economy and traders were encouraged by this fact because Chinese economy is considered the second largest economy in the world.

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    During this year Asian currencies were increasing against The US dollar because the actual economic situation supported purchasing of risky assets. Now Asian officials are going to step in to control their strong currencies.
    The unemployment data supported the Gold as a “safe haven”.
    The USD went down against the Euro and Yen due to employment figures.
    European retail sales increased in July stimulating the economic growth

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    The EUR and high-yielding currencies held strong on Friday after an improvement in U.S. housing and jobless claims data increased investor appetite for risk ahead of key U.S. jobs data later in the day.

    Still, reflecting consistent worries about a slowdown in the U.S. and global economies, the JPY was locked near a 15-year peak versus the greenback and the Swiss franc hovered near a record peak against the EUR.

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    Better US job numbers
    create new optimism

    Double dip recession
    seems to be avoided

    Gold climbs to all
    time high USD 1249

    EURO strengthens
    towards USD: 1,30

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    Share your thoughts about CRGE here. News came out are very good. Outlook if bright. I mean, all that just came out recently. Is this the Golden time for CRGE?

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    YEN continues

    Bank of Japan decides
    to not intervene

    EURO weakens on
    banking rumours

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    The Japanese economy shows signs of gradual recovery.

    YEN rallies to 15 years high against USD.

    Gold breaks new records and reaches USD 1259.

    Turbulence continues with falling Asian markets due to the strong YEN.

    Today the Federal Reserve will publish its report on current economic conditions (Beige Book).

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