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Thread: Daily market update

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    The G-20 of finance ministers met to discuss the perspectives of exchange rates regulation.

    Today the oil is steady supported by unstable dollar because of the G-20 meeting. It was during the time of G-20 meeting expectations.

    In general today all market is under fluctuation.

    The interest of safe-haven currencies is increasing.

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    Due to the unceasing expectations of a new quantitative easing session after the G-20 meeting this weekend, the USD continues to decrease against its main competitors. The results of the meeting show that the principal opinion is the following: the USD will continue to drop. And everybody is sure that USD/JPY will hit a new low record this week.

    As a confirmation of this fact, today in the morning during the Asian session, the dollar reached a new low level against the yen. Also the oil was up as a result of the dollarís weakness. As well all main metals were in the optimistic direction because of the unstable US dollar.

    Following the trend as all US rivals, the British pound demonstrated its renewal during the Asian trading. The GBP regained its losses of the last week reaching new highs.

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    During the Asian session today the US dollar demonstrated a little recovery and due to this fact the oil contracts and the gold were lower over the trading sessions.

    The Eur/Usd is slight down today after being unable to fix the benefits. In general the pair continues to remain on the position around the zone of 1.40. Now market is waiting for new US events to choose the direction.

    Today itís one of the days when the Yen is weaker against the USD and the dollar recreates from its low levels.

    The GBP regains today after the ONS (Office for National Statistics) figures have been released. According to these data the UK economy grew on 0, 8% from April to June. And to support this recovery the Bank of England will take more new steps.

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    Default 27.10.10

    The Fed is willing to renew its program of the US Treasury bond-purchasing which can help to reduce long-dated interest rates. On basis of the quantitative easing policy the authorities want to stimulate the economic recovery. They plan to mobilize investments in the amount of hundreds billion dollars.

    According to this Fed news, during the Asian trading today, the US dollar was on its uptrend.
    Therefore the USD regained against the YEN and increased.

    The EURO continues to follow its downside. Today the pair fell below 1.3800 level because the high session has been declined by the pair and Euro/USD came back to its support area.

    The oil prices are fixing around $82-$83 values and as a commodity which is denominated in US dollars the oil depends on this currency. And due to the USD consolidation today, the oil remains at the same level without big changes.

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    USD Dollar (USD) 28 Oct 2010– The Dollar strengthened across the board as stocks in the U.S. approached session lows. Core Durable Goods Orders came out at -0.8%, worse than the expected 0.2%.

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    Default 29.10.10

    Today investors are waiting for US gross domestic product (GDP)data and the Federal Reserve meeting regarding a new session of QE (quantitative easing) measures.

    Due to these expectations the US dollar rose during the European session because the US GDP is anticipated to rise in the third quarter of 2010.

    Today also the annual inflation rate became known in Europe and it was not good figures because the inflation increased and reached the high levels.

    The Euro dropped against the USD today based on the mentioned above economic events and the currency was moving from its high to the new session low.

    The oil keeps on its downside and it’s still below the level of $82. Together with the oil the main metals traded lower today getting under the influence of market expectations regarding the new US FOMC meeting which will take place next week.

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    01 Nov 2010- The dollar fell for a third day against the euro in Forex trading on speculation that the Federal Reserve will take more credit-easing measures amid signs of a stagnant recovery in the world’s largest economy.

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    British Pound (GBP) 01/11/2010Ė The Pound closed at almost the same rate as it had opened (last Friday) in forex market . However, during the night it fell below the support level of 1.6000 and returned to trade around 1.6050 levels. Holding the rate above 1.6050 will keep the momentum bullish for the pound. The net lending to individuals came out 0.40B, worse than the expected 0.90B. Overall, GBP/USD traded with a low of 1.6022 and with a high of 1.6060. Today, the Manufacturing PMI is expected at 53.00 vs. 53.40 previously.

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    The Us dollar is under pressure of a new Fed meeting regarding the next session of QE measures and the oil is rising on waiting for this event.

    The Euro consolidates during the European session and due to this slight recovery Eur/Usd approaches to the very important resistance level of 1.4000.

    The European currency has been supported also by the manufacturing PMI figures which showed that this October's indicator increased and buoyed up the Euro.

    During the European trading the USD was higher against the JPY today and now the pair keeps testing the new resistance area.

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    Asian session: The most of Asian stocks were rising but investors preferred do not risk and wait for the upcoming FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting. Currently everybody is focusing on the quantitative easing (QE) policy intensity. How deep will be these Fed measures? Ė the main question now.

    Also victory of the republicans in midterm US elections has a good influence on Asian markets.

    European session: The European markets also focus on the FED meeting which will take place today.

    Therefore there are no considerable changes in currencies directions and positions. And the market fluctuations are not intensive today.

    The USD is stable due to the good Republicans performance in US elections. But in general this event did not manage to affect the US dollar and other currencies deeply because of the fact that the FOMC meeting is the most important event today.

    Nevertheless the British pound regains today and GBP/USD is approaching a new high by breaking its resistance level. But itís necessary to remember that to confirm this uptrend the pair should manage to fix the benefits.

    Metals: the main metals remain on its firm positions ahead of the FED meeting.

    Oil: the oil contracts are supported by market expectations of the further USD weakness generated by the second expected round of QE measures.

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