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    This EA trades the news and has made nearly 50% in recent weeks with a 5 pip stop loss!
    Forex News Trader

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    I heard that the main thing in this is the news channel who gives the information on the trading and give the trading analysis.It is the best for the traders reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theforexgeek View Post
    This EA trades the news and has made nearly 50% in recent weeks with a 5 pip stop loss!
    Forex News Trader
    But, can't find the authorized proof from myfxbook and more. How you got the proof for the fx news trader software? Have you used any of the individual account report for that? Or original strategy report? Provide clear info about authorized proof!

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    The Fx news trader are Forex auto trading strategies at the actualization of online retail trading, back about 1999 if internet-based companies created retail Forex trading platforms that accommodate a quick way for individuals to buy and advertise on the Forex atom market. Nevertheless, beyond retail traders could auto trade Forex affairs at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as aboriginal as in the 1970s.

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