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Thread: Robots learning how to cook

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    Default Robots learning how to cook

    While they watch Youtube cooking videos :

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    Default Robots

    DARPA-funded researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a system that enables robot a robot to interpret, learn and perform the tasks demonstrated in YouTube cooking videos.

    Engadget has details on the work led by University of Maryland computer scientist Yiannis Aloimonos:

    The team's research is funded by DARPA's Mathematics of Sensing, Exploitation and Execution (MSEE) program, which aims to teach machines not only how to collect data, but also how to act on it. For this particular study, the researchers have developed a system that allowed their test robots to learn from a series of "how-to" cooking videos on YouTube. During testing, the robots were able to perform the tasks shown in the videos using the right utensils and with zero human input.

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    its 21 century guys !!! we can do anything and make anybody to do anything !!!

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