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Thread: 1.5 million of homeless children in Philippines

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    Default 1.5 million of homeless children in Philippines

    While the pope is visiting Philippines :

    - Pope Travels To Philippines To Visit Poor, Country Sends Homeless Kids To Resorts

    23 millions of homeless in Manila, including 1.5 million of kids, a lot them are prostitutes... a hell on Earth.

    - Street children in the Philippines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The approximate numbers of street children in the different districts of the Philippines are: Manila (3,266), Quezon (2,867), Caloocan (1,530), and Pasay (1,420). Regional numbers are:

    Luzon regional totals: 1,557 (highly visible), 22,728 (estimated total)
    Visayas regional totals: 5,291 (highly visible), 40,860 (estimated total) and
    Mindanao regional totals: 22,556 (highly visible), 138,328(estimated total).
    Approximately 70% of the children are boys.

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    this kind of thing must be shown to some billionare people . and they should help these people !!!!

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