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Thread: Dog and cat food composition

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    Default Dog and cat food composition

    If you have some pets, you should do some researches about the composition of their food.

    On the back of a food bag, you will see that there is a big opacity about the composition. It will be like 30% of proteins, 10% of lipids, etc.. about 30-50% of the composition is missing.

    In fact most of the dog and cat food is made of 80% of cereals, 10% of lipids, 2% of proteins, and finally some flavor enhancers (chicken or fish oil that make them addicted to it) and food preservatives.

    The "30% of proteins" is in big part cereals proteins. The problem is that cats and dogs normally don't eat cereals, only meat.

    For the animal proteins, they are using what the humans don't eat, after the best part of the beefs, the chickens, etc... have been taken, they are grinding it with the bones still full of artificial hormones to boost the growth speed, the quantity of meat, the size of the eggs, etc ... They can't put quality meat, it would be too expensive.

    The food preservatives and the process to dry the ingredients are containing a lot of carcinogenic substances. Some brands have more of them, when you will change the food, the pet will often vomit, as the impact will be too much on its organism.

    Finally, 90% of the pets will die from cancer (1/3 will be lymphoma), tumor, kidney stones, water retention ... the cancer will essentially touch the liver and the stomach.

    Personnaly I have got 15 cats in my life and only one died naturally.

    There is no alternatives, most of the food companies are using the same nutrients. The veterinary will announce you that he has to put to sleep your pet due to the cheap dry food that you gave him, and will propose you another brand that is in fact hold by the same company.

    There are very few studies about that. It's not a conspiracy theory, it's just common sense. People can't invest too much money for their animals. They should do the food themselves, but they can't afford it or don't have the time. We can't give them mouses for cats; deer, chamois, wild sheep, rabbits, marmots, hares for dogs (like wolves). Also, the companies have to stock the food for several months, so the only possibility is to dry it and add some preservatives.

    Of course, it's very relative, because in the nature a cat will last 2-4 years, a dog 5 years. So they will live 3 times their original life duration with this food. It's just that it will be almost impossibe to avoid them a painful end.
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