The luminosity of KIC 8462852 has diminushed several times during the last 4 years, of about 20% for several hours.

If we were on a far away star and Jupiter would go in front of the sun, the luminosity would diminush of about 1%.

The only possibilities to explain a such phenomenon would be a cloud of comets or an alien megastructure to capture the star energy.

The scientists are raising a fund of 100 000 dollars to focus a telescope on this star during a longer duration.

This star was already observed one hundred years ago, and there were no light variation. So, if a megastructure has been build, it would be in less than a century, whish is not possible according to some scientist. But let see how manking has evolved since 1916.

Source : APOD: 2016 June 13 - Unexplained Dimmings in KIC 8462852