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    How long the situation in middle east will last ?

    As we can see, it takes time for the coalition to defeat the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. As they don't want to send large contingents of western soldiers.

    Turkey is living a political crisis, the activity in the U.S. air base of Incirlik is still on hold. The USA is even worrying about its atomic bombs.

    What are the other current conflicts ?

    - Afghanistan war,
    - North-West Pakistan war,
    - War in Donbass (Ukraine),
    - Somali civil war,
    - War in Darfur,

    - Libyan Crisis,
    - Yemeni Crisis,
    - North Korea Crisis,
    - Burundi Crisis,

    - South Kordofan conflict,
    - Kurdish–Turkish conflict,
    - Kivu conflict,
    - Colombian conflict,
    - Internal conflict in Myanmar,
    - Moro conflict,
    - Kashmir conflict,
    - Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,
    - Israeli–Palestinian conflict,
    - Northern Mali conflict,
    - Uighur conflict,
    - Sectarian conflict in Lebanon,

    - Boko Haram insurgency (Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad),
    - Sinai insurgency,
    - Insurgency in Northeast India,
    - Insurgency in the Maghreb,

    - Ethnic violence in South Sudan,
    - Kenya violence,
    - Central African Republic violence,
    - Democratic Republic of congo violence,

    - CPP-NPA-NDF rebellion,


    What are the possible conflicts to come ?

    - East China Sea tensions (China, Japan),
    - Dispute in South China Sea (China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines).
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Current world conflicts