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Thread: Scalping Expert Advisor - idea

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    Default Scalping Expert Advisor - idea

    Hello everobody

    My english is bad, but I would try to tell everything correctly. Last time I came up with system, that is very profitable on manual trading. I wonder If there is anyone who will try to code it as an Expert Advisor for automatic trading. (I'm not a coder, so this is why I need help).

    Indicators needed:

    - Heiken Ashi smoothed v2

    - 2x Moving Averages (EMA 5 period and to close price and EMA 8 periods and to open price (it's important!))

    Logic buy: Heiken Ashi smoothed is UP and 5 period EMA is higher than 8 period EMA (after they crossed).

    Logic sell: Heiken Ashi smoothed is DOWN and 8 period EMA is higher than 5 period EMA (after they crossed).

    It should close position on opposite signal and open a new one, and also has a fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss option.

    There should be option to change parameters of Moving Averages and Heiken Ashi, if someone wants another.

    Would be great if there would be option "Heiken Ashi - ON/OFF" but it's not necessary. I'm counting on you. Let's code it! ~

    Regards, pretorian1

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    Anybody ???

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    tried Heiken Ashi alot...but not liked
    Now working in semiautomat mode (EA + Ind)

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    Default i can help you

    i don't have heikein v2 , please send your indicator to me. Mail:

    You could check myselft ea result:

    EA999A MetaTrader
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    forex trader from china

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    any one have a goog ea and please please if any one can send me a copy at my email id at
    please please because i already have lose alot money in this so any one help me please

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