I am trading the EURUSD using a grid. I set all the horizontal lines 100 pips apart. I do not attempt to follow the trend. I enter a buy trade and if it hits the 100 pip target I then set up a sell limit and a sell stop 100 pips from the previous target. When one gets triggered, I cancel the other one. If a target is not met, and it stops out at 100 pips, I then set up the next buy stop and buy limit with double lot size. Sooner or later, It will reach target and I will make my money back and then some. I alternate between each trade from buying to selling and I only double lot size on the next trade to make up for losses. I hope I am making sense here. The idea is to try to make my trades as 50/50 as possible and use a martingale strategy to stay profitable. I don't like most martingales because they always try to follow a trend. the moment they get faked out by the trend, they just keep opening trades until they reach profit or you have no more money. The reason I alternate between buying and selling is to avoid trading in the wrong direction until I am broke from the martingale strategy. I have only just been testing this strategy for a few days on the hourly chart. It may be doomed to failure as with all my other trade ideas have been. I want an EA that will use martingale but only up the lot size on the next trade. It needs a stop loss and take profit. I would like it to be simple to adjust these settings. I still get very confused when I see a long list of adjustable variables that I don't even know what each one does.

If anyone could help with the EA, I would appreciate it. I am also interested in opinions about my strategy as well.