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    Default Adaptative timeframe

    Another idea that should be complicated to develop (at least impossible to auto backtest).

    An EA with fixed parameters that would evolve on different timeframes depending on market conditions. For example M15, then M16, M17, etc...

    I guess we attach the EA to different timeframes, and it activates itself on one TF at a time depending if we are in a range market or not.

    Origin of the idea :

    - Optimized Trend Trading
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    logically it acceptable, need to direct ea to check confirmation signal on different time frame. for example indicator used RSI, entry type reversal.
    long if : check h4 RSI level if shown above 70 confirm with 15m RSI level if shown above 80, then long order confirmed.
    short if : check h4 RSI level if shown below 30 confirm with 15m RSI level if shown nelow 20, then short order confirmed.
    is this the routine which ea should proceed before put an entry order.
    it would be applied for any indicator, tf, similar logic.

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Adaptative timeframe