help in converting this strategy into EA
Range bars form exact time to time (to be as parameter input)server time acc. To chart time frame
Draw two horizontal lines for the high and low
If any candle after the last time bar closed higher the range with max pips ( defined as input parameter)
Input parameter for buy only or sell only or buy and sell or disabled if enable ma and stochastic entry is enabled
So if stoch( defined as input parameter for its range 30 70 or 20 80 or < or > inserted specified level buy and ma buy only buy if there is 1st candle closed outside the range so if closed and ma ok and stoch ok , put the orders and vice versa

put 1st buy order with tp ( defined as input) and 2nd buy limit 5 pips considering spread ( ask price) with the same tp defined above
And third buy limit order 10 pips away from the 1st buy order with the same tp ( and if tp for each order can be as parameter in pips )

Vice versa for the sell orders

Sl the close of any candle in the opposite side with max pips away from the opposite side ( defined as input parameter

Vice versa for the sell orders

Input parameter for if sl open opposite orders and can be disabled

Trailing stop and break even
Lot size
Multiplier (can be defined as ) if opposite side

Only one direction per day if hit tp

Mm risk% input enabled or disabled

Input parameters for MA ex or simple and all data availble for ma and stoch range and periods.

Emergency close