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Thread: MA cross as filter?

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    Default MA Filter for this EA

    I would really like to be able to trade the attached EA above or below a moving average so that it will only trade in direction of the trend.


    kind regards Pat
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    Is this not possible? ..............I dont mind if anyone dose not wish to provide coding for this (though I would prefer) but could someone please tell me if it is possible or not. Thankyou in advance for any help.

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    Default possible

    but during the ranging market u will incure heavu loss.!! what will u do for that

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    Look at the attachment,
    This can trade for days picking up trades in the wrong direction. I cant get it to make a profit but it will draw down the account ok unless I set it to trade LONG ONLY or SHORT ONLY In the direction of the trend. Wont you get the same problem in a ranging market with or without a filter for trend direction. The problem is that this EA trades a basket [you need to look at the thread] and you cant manually controll each currency pair for trend, it needs to be done in the EA.

    Thanks for responding surtyoday and I hope you can help. Here is the link

    Hourly Trade EA

    ps Not all pairs may be ranging at the same time and I think this has some good potential.
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