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    gotcha 50 pips

    I took out the news filter code for the time being to backtest, as it was bring up an error about not being able to delete news object

    I've attached the version with news filter code taken out, i think funyoo is right about maybe testing on a simple ea the news code, it works in my other ones but it has screen comments by the ea to say what it is doing and this doesnt
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky30 View Post
    funyoo attaching screen shot of backtest, it won't send any trades and there are no errors in the journal, should have been a trade sent in this backtest, mainly doing this to see if there are any bugs and such.

    man if this thing will start firing this will be our license to print money
    To get a trade on a such situation, you have to set TradeAtSignal on false.

    Quote Originally Posted by lucky30 View Post
    I've attached the version with news filter code taken out, i think funyoo is right about maybe testing on a simple ea the news code, it works in my other ones but it has screen comments by the ea to say what it is doing and this doesnt
    Yes I will try that this week.

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    Hello and thanks for the updated ea Lucky.Here is the error code I am getting when backtesting the ea with news included.Hope it helps.
    Pattern EA-presentation1-gif

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    heres a trade off gppy on 1 hour

    couple observations:

    I'm using default with:
    bbmacd exit off, noticed with it on before the trade really gets going it may hit 1 or 2 opposite dots that close the trade out so its best to leave off bbmacd exit imo, the entries are really good on higher time frames so we need to give time and space to let them build up steam. also have mono counts to true . i think were better off going with a stop loss below or above entry candle according to '50 pips'

    right now I'm doing a breakeven and then having the trailing stop kick in on higher tf's

    I think this could be a good scalper too on 15min and 30min tf quick pips and out

    gartley was on this chart but I switched back and forth between 4hr and 1 hour and it hadn't come back on yet, it was a picture perfect entry

    Great work funyoo entries are spot on
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    Default DLL error message

    Hello all, and I believe I found the problem to why I could not get the ea with the news function working on forward or backtesting.I did the following, and now I am getting trades on the version that has the news feature built in.I need to see if it also works on forward test.What I did was to go to Tools/Options/Expert Advisors and made sure there was a check in the allow dll imports.I also made sure there was a check on dll imports in the common area for the expert.
    Hope this helps?
    Have a nice night!

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    I think I'm going to need a supercomputer to test and optimize this EA. It's very CPU intensive. I'm using the EA without news to get the backtesting done.

    I'm trying to backtest it on USDCHF, and it's thrashing my computer doing a straight test.
    optimizing it, and then running it across multiple

    ...come back in a few weeks!

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    Default only bb macd

    hy Funnyyo
    first trade when i use only BB macd with Medium risk=true. other risk =false
    as you see after first red dots open sell trade, i.m suppose that this first dot crossed the midband ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hi yemupz and welcome,

    According to 50pips, under 30Min you have to choose Medium Risk (mid band cross). All the rest you can use High Risk or Medium or Low depending on your trading style.

    According to my tests, the Low Risk (diamonds) is the most attractive option.

    Of course I suggest you to test different settings to have a better idea.
    I am presently using medium risk setting on 1hr chart. I'll try that for a couple of weeks before trying something new. I have the EA on five pairs now.

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    Question Settings

    Hi Guys,
    WONDERUL work Funyoo! Congrats on your skills!

    I want to query some of the initial settings of the 3 Aspects of the EA for the less experienced of us then if one of our "experts" would graciously answer this post and confirm or correct my assumptions then it could be a reference for everyone trying to figure out what's what.. (and maybe save a lot of questions) I hope that's ok.

    UseGartley: This should be set to true if the Gartley part of this EA is being used.
    TradeAtSignal: Start a trade on the Gartley signal WITHOUT waiting for other signals ie. bb_MacD - So if I was waiting for a MacD signal I would have this to "False"
    GartkeyTimeFrame: Whatever Time Frame you are testing on. ie, 15 for 15mins - 30 for 30mins etc..
    MomoCount Settings: - Set to true if you want to trade using MomoCounts "False" if not. - Time Frame to current ... etc.

    UseBBMACDEntry If you want to enter on BB_MacD then set to true.
    UseBBMACDExit This is when the colour of the dots in the BBMacD change back? - Use this as the exit?
    RISK Set only one of high, medium or Low to true according to 50PIPS previous post.
    BBMTimeFrame: Set to current testing time frame. (15, 30, etc)

    I'm not sure which SL option to set to true.

    The later stuff I am leaving alone for now.. This post is too long anyway and there are a LOT of settings there. Perhaps someone could explain the later sections - maybe just one section at a time..? - This would REALLY help everyone I'm sure and save lots of individual questions..

    Thanks guys! - What a great place to be this is!!!!!

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    Default Info and Controlling

    Hello Funyoo,
    just a few questions:
    agrees with my setup?
    EURJPY trade with this ea was already at 50 usd in profitable but closed with a loss.
    where he takes the win with?
    as the stop is set?
    momo counts the settings are compatible with BB MACD settings?
    all true (momo and bb?) ?
    thank you verry much
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