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Thread: Give it a try to this new idea

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    Default Do You Have Results for the Demo?

    Quote Originally Posted by duit View Post

    Can I use for live account, or this EA is made only for demo ? I want to try for live account. Did demo, change setting, made some profit.

    Thank you.
    Do You Have Results for the Demo?

    and what setting did you use?

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    Talking Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
    Do You Have Results for the Demo?

    and what setting did you use?
    Hi Vortex,

    Sorry for late reply. Refer to attached statement. The first 12 closed positions I used 1 hr chart, but it was too slow. Then I change to 30 min. You wil see last 2 stop losses, I suppose that stop loss point must be higher. This stragegy is ok, but need to put stop loss once the first bar of MACD appears below 0.00 (for buy)

    Can you modify for me ?

    Entry point is ok. Setting, use 30 min chart, tp 10 pips, or 15 pips for GJ. Please read from first posting. There's not many setting modification, only tradeaslongas, false for only 1 trade. All are default. I only demo only 5 pairs. If you think that other pairs suitable to trade, please post here.

    Those who have any better ideas please reply. Let us improve ourselves.
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    Default funyoo, can you modify stop loss and entry point ?

    please refer to statement. those huge loss are caused by stop loss. I must put stop loss far from entry point.

    1) Can you put entry point: for buy, once a new candle emerge above RSI level 50. Vice-versa for sell.

    2) Stop loss: can you add something like this RSIOpenPeriod and RSIClosePeriod so that entry point for buy is candle emerges above level 50 for RSI 14 and close or stop loss RSI 4.(for example, any combination)

    3)Stop loss level is : for buy is candle close below RSI level 20 and for sell is candle close above RSI level 80.

    safe for 1 hr chart, only 10 trades per week approx, could be more, per pair.
    funyoo, I haven't donated yet, thought of going live and can allocate some profit for you.
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