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    Thank you for your EA, but I wish if you can code the last version 2.01 using your updated template. Thank you so much.

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    HELLO MR. FUNYOO or MAMOUNT or anyone else who worked on this EA

    was the version 2.01 ever updated or perfected or newer EA on this strategy released..?
    i realize i got here 4 years late to the party but i just started trading. and searched throug a ocean of links and searches to finally get here to this consept.

    i hope everyone is stil alive and would apriciate it if you could answer me back or maybee direct me in the right direction?

    i await your reply plz

    all the way down from south africa
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    Hello Funyoo,

    Thank you for all the work you do. I am looking at your Cci Trader EA and would like to know if you have a Cci EA that opens and close a position at the 0 line and not +100 or -100? So, Cci line passing 0 line up = buy and passing 0 line down = sell. Positions closed on line reversal with only one trade per bar.

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