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    Question Gbpusd...

    Hi thesecret25

    I need a little help. What is the next step?

    THX for the system...

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    Default It rockt......

    my chart 10h later....
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    I have the same chart.
    Too bad it is only a demo trade

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    Exclamation Proprietory System

    You guys should know that this is a proprietory system which is sold by the owner.
    The London Forex Rush System

    It's not for me to preach about niceties and even legalities but you should be careful about posting privately owned stuff without the owners permission. You could even get the forum owners into trouble.
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    Attachment deleted, it is indeed a commercial code.

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    I am sorry, I didnt know about indi beeing commercial.

    New pack attached on first post, NOT a commercial indicator.

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