I have been paper trading a daily strategy for a few weeks, and it seems very profitable but time-consuming to do without an EA. I wonder if one of you expert coders out there is willing to code an EA for me so that I can back test it and optimise it? Alternatively, if anyone knows of an EA which does this, that would be fantastic!


Daily chart - but could also be used for 4hrly, weekly etc (the longer time frames)

Processing when a new candle starts:

  • If there are any pending orders left, delete them
  • Close any open orders for this EA according to parameter input - all open orders / all open orders in profit / all open orders in loss / no open orders
  • Calculate the average height (high - low) of previous x candles (x = parameter)
  • Calculate y percent of this amount, and round to nearest integer - call it Trigger (y = parameter)
  • If Trigger < MinValue, set it to MinValue, and if Trigger > MaxValue, set it to MaxValue (MinValue and MaxValue are parameters)
  • Set up two pending orders immediately:
  • A buy order for OpeningValue + Trigger
  • A sell order for OpeningValue - Trigger