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    Default Add new Filter.

    Dear Funyoo.
    thanks for you because create Hodrick Prescott EA
    i had many green pips.
    i have suggest for you, can you add more filter like NonLagMA or OZFX System trading or BBMacd.
    and Time Filter Trading..


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    Default try to get the big trend non scalping let it flow to your account

    i have mod the code of funyoo and i think this is the way how this indicator can make money for us for the long term without the big risks of losing you account
    the weekly entry point is the first red or blue dot then you can activate the ea
    the rest of the entry's are daily so test it daily it don't repaint
    with auto trailing if the market make wrong moves

    only im missing the using distance and absolute distance option i can't get in the code can you help me funyoo i appicate that well...

    thanks all!!! leave your comment please.
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    Dear Funyoo,

    I would ask you why the function for the order to open in the EA has only seven variables instead of eleven

    if(buy && tpb<tradesperbar){
    /*if(martingale)ilots=mlots;else*/ ilots=lots;
    if(ticket<=0){/*Print("Error Occured : "+errordescription(GetLastError()));*/}else tpb++;
    if(sell && tps<tradesperbar){
    /*if(martingale)ilots=mlots;else*/ ilots=lots;
    if(ticket<=0){/*Print("Error Occured : "+errordescription(GetLastError()));*/}else tps++;

    and it is not displaying the arrows drawn on the chart ofter the EA sends quote to the server.

    Thank you for your help, and Great Contribution and open heart...
    The Well Wisher.
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