Betting Systems applied to trading
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Thread: Betting Systems applied to trading

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    Default Betting Systems applied to trading

    Instead of accumulating/martingale/hedging to existing trades, I was wondering if anyone have explored applying positive/negative progression betting systems to standard TP/SL independent trades trading systems.

    For example,
    Can anyone code an optional 2up2down betting system into any independent trades strategy EA, say a london time breakout EA?

    say user input A lots to trade.

    (1) enter first actual trade of A lots only after 2 consecutive virtual losses
    (can EA be programmed to do virtual trades?)

    (2) Trade with A lots always until there are 2 consecutive actual A lots losses,
    then increase the next trade to 2A lots.

    (3) return to (1) after 2 consecutive actual 2A losses OR wins.

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    U cant buy food from virtual trading...

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Betting Systems applied to trading