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    Kindly make this EA when you're not too busy. It is based on Parabolic SAR, PCSv1 and ZZ Pointer. The conditions are as follows;

    A) Place buystop orders (between 1 to 10 orders or more) when;
    1- Zigzag pointer paints below current price followed or confirmed by
    PSAR and PCSv1.
    2- as additional filters should be confirmed by either Osma or Hist_StepMA or SolarWind or MACDcorrect above zero (or green) or RSIOM blue line above yellow line.
    3- manually input number of pips away from price and grid distance between orders.

    B) Add Long Positions (as long as items A.1 and A.2 are still valid) when;
    1- Take Profit is hit or PCSv1 "re-entry" signal appears (marked "x") add positions between 1 to 10 orders or more.

    C) Close all open and pending buy orders when ZZPointer paints above price followed/confirmed by PSAR and PCSv1.

    D) Place Sellstop orders (between 1-10 orders or more) when:
    1- ZZPointer paints above current price followed/confirmed by PSAR and
    2- as additional confirmation Osma or Solar Wind or Hist_StepMA or MACDcorrect below zero (or red) or RSIOMA blue line below yellow line.
    3- same as "A.3".

    E) Add Positions (Sellstop) (as long as conditions under "D.1 and D.1" are still valid) when:
    1- Take profit is hit or PCSv1 "re-entry" signal appears (marked "x"); add sellstop between 1-10 or more.

    F) Exit all open and pending sellstop orders when:
    1- ZZPointer paints below current price followed by or confirmed by PSAR and PCSv1.

    Other features include money management, order management, time filters and magic number.

    Note: If PSAR and PCSv1 paints above price while ZZPointer is in long-mode (below price), EA ignores it. Same is true on the reverse. And if ZZPointer slides forward or repaints many bars over -repeat rule A and D and deleter the farthest orders in excess of maximum grid open orders.

    Thank you very much.
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    Other indicators are here:
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