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Thread: Td Sequential

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    Hi monstar

    actually i use wave theory and no other indicator much i have been using td sequential by manual for last two years and understand it very well u do not need any indicator for that if u understand the logioc of the count then u will understand this is best indicator in the world and u do not need and i do not use on 5 m i use it on h1 and h4
    H1 with funyou is excellent but the problem no one is understanding the logic of it
    this is actually a wave theory only wich is calculated on fibo by candle count i can not explain much and u need optomise like i said in mine but unfortunately no one is willing to continue that piuece of art i am very good in wave theory and this is perfect one it is just little effort if someone can complete this EA of mine you can use any pair tf 1 hr 4 hr is the best result if u use smaller tf will be caught as it is not good to trade wave on smaller tf
    if u want to play safe add on 1 hour but price to be open on number 13
    only and take profit 30-50 `pips
    u will be the winner all year but i wanted in Ea because of some persoanl reason that can not trade manual alot so was wondering if funyoo could help me out i have been in stock market for 10 years and i know what is good and not good
    Thas is only what i can say u need to fixed tp if want to play big orders then fx it 15 pips and see the reuslt
    from number 13
    u will not loose money on that but my target normally is 50 `pips
    but takes time as wave is not like ema sma or oscilators
    it goes up 5 down 3 up 5
    so their comes the 13
    i hope u can understand the logic and for wave 9 is actualy after 5+3=8 then the say to open at nine which can be use for smaller tf to run it but i never tried it
    so if you have any suggestion please guide me too and i want td sequential to complete belive me that is the best logic thats why aha dissapear and i heard they were managing accounts with this and they have develop it into ea but it is not awaialble in the market and will never come too

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    Quote Originally Posted by monstar View Post
    Hi Funyoo

    I've tried heaps of settings but i can't get the ea to backtest with the damiani on. No errors. Just sits there after loading the damiani. Otherwise it works great. This is quite addictive.

    Pls help me from going insane

    Any thoughts?
    Hi monstar,

    Damiani fixed.
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    Default Sequential

    Thankyou Funyoo

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    Default sequential

    I think we're onto something now eforex play around with it.

    Hope I'm not premature

    just excited

    Funyoo You the man

    No offense if your a not


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    Default Sequential

    Hi Funyoo

    As you can tell I've been trying to find a indicator to filter out nine counts that fail to pick price turns after completion. The CCI doesn't work well. Can we remove it please.

    The damiani improves backtesting alot. Thx.

    Can you please add the demarker indicator whereas a 9 count buy/13 count buy is only valid if demarker is under 0.3 and a sell if demarker indicator is over 0.7.

    Demarker is built in to mt4. I can't find it to post.

    Thanks so much Funyoo!
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    Default Sequential

    DeMarker no trade example..... Ouch that would of hurt
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    Default Sequential

    DeMarker trade example... mmmmmm pips!

    Thanks Funyoo
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    Default Sequential

    Hi funyoo

    Over the weekend I've looked at heaps of previous posts on various threads and have been blown away at the level of experience on this site, above that of my own humble learnings.Thanks for being gracious to us newbies. Learning more everyday.

    Don't want to sound like a suck but..........



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    Default Sequential

    Hi Funyoo

    Is there a martingale that merely adds another trade to the existing trade at a chosen step at a chosen lot size like "fxpromaker" does, if so it would help my system greatly.


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    Default Sequential

    Hi Funyoo

    Hope you are well.

    Is it possible to have the demarker indicator as the filter rather than the cci. It appears to be much better.

    Also when I trade live I use a martingale strategy that adds new positions to the current trade every x pips at y times the original lot size.

    Would it be possible to add these parameters to the ea,I am getting improved backtesting results as we progress.

    I really appreciate your imput into these ideas.Thankyou I know you are busy busy busy.

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