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Thread: CCI Stoch Signal Indicators

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    Good idea!

    Here is a signal-generating version of Slope Direction Line and a new version of CCI Stoch Signal EA that uses it.

    Set TrendFilter=true to turn it on, TrendFilter=false to disable trend filtering.
    It only buys or sells with the trend when the trend filter is on.

    I'm testing now and will upload some preliminary results later.

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    Testing has shown that the Slope Direction Line Signal indicator is pretty much always at odds with the oversold/overbought nature of the CCI-based leading indicator. So, I have extended the Slope Direction Line Signal indicator to accept a timeframe argument (attached as "Slope Direction Line Signal 1.1.mq4"). You can set this in the EA settings in version v104 of the EA, also attached. The idea is to set the trend-detecting Slope Direction Line indicator to a higher timeframe than the chart that the EA is on, thus blocking out counter-trend trades, but not all trades.

    I have also added 2 additional filters:

    VolatilityFilter -- averages the difference between high and low price for a specified number of bars in the past. If the result is greater than VolatilityHigh, then no trade. If the result is less than VolatilityLow, also no trade. This idea is inspired by the AshFX system on

    Bollinger Filter -- the BollingerFloor parameter sets a minimum distance between the top line and the middle line to allow a trade. This prevents trading then the Bollinger Bands are in a narrow, tube-like formation. The BollingerThreshold parameter sets a minimum distance that the price must be from the top or bottom Bollinger line to trade. For a sell, the threshold is measured from the bottom line. For a buy, it is measured from the top line.

    This EA needs to be used with a ranging currency, like EURGBP or EURCHF, not EURUSD (where it does particularly poorly).

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    can i get some presets?

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    Here is a new version. I fixed a bug the Slope Direction Line Signal indy. Also, I changed the BB filter to calculate the threshold from the middle line, because it was making too many losing trades. A summary:

    New Features:

    eagerclose: with trend filtering on, the regular oppositeclose feature was letting some whoppers get through. The eagerclose feature ignores the trendline filter and closes opposite orders whenever the opposing signal is received, even when it would be filtered out by the trendline for ordering purposes.

    eagercloselimit: acts like a stoploss to prevent eagerclose from closing opposite orders that are going to end up being winners. Only orders with an OrderProfit absolute value >= eagercloselimit are closed by eagerclose.

    Verbose: logging switch that writes various debug values to the journal when true.

    Bugs Fixed:

    Slope Direction Line Signal 1.2: Fixes a bug where the timeframe value was not being passed to all the calculations. Note that when a timeframe other than 0 is used, the indy does not draw on the chart (I'll look into that later). This indy is for calling in an EA, not looking at on a chart, when you are giving it a higher timeframe than the chart it is attached to.

    BollingerThreshold: this is now calculated as a deviation from the middle line.

    In my current testing run (still going), I am seeing 80% accuracy on the win percent, with the included set file for AUDUSD. When my slow computer gets done -- sometime tomorrow -- I will post my test results.

    Hopefully, someone with more computing resources than I have will be able to do more optimization.

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    More testing, more bug fixes.

    This version includes new versions of CCISignalIndy and StochSignalIndy that correct some repainting issues due to putting the arrow when the current bar was not finished. None of that any more!

    On the EA, I added modes for both indicators to call them using my style of calling (the 0, 1, or -1 result) or Funyoo's:

    ccimode -- 0 for Funyoo style, 1 for signal style.
    stochmode -- 0 for Funyoo style, 1 for signal style

    It should not make any difference right now, but if I alter the conditions under which the indicators return a signal value, only signal-style calling convention will reflect it. So far, that hasn't happened, but it's 25 days until Christmas!

    Other new features:

    closeontrendchange -- when true and Trendfilter is on, a change of the trend reported by Slope Direction Line will close the opposite open trades. If eagerclose is on, the eagercloselimit will be used. Otherwise, all opposite orders are closed.

    orderminutes -- number of minutes that an open trade is allowed to live. In profit or loss, trades will be closed when this time limit is reached.

    TrendReverseCCI -- causes the CCI signal to always agree with the current trend.

    TrendTrade -- relaxes the BollingerThreshold filter so that TrendReverseCCI can cause the EA to trade a trend where the price is tracking the upper or lower BB line.

    Also, I changed the way the stochastic signal is interpreted, giving the EA the ability to remember the last stochastic direction until the next signal is reached. This enables the EA to make multiple trades when a signal condition persists for a number of bars. Set maxtrades to 1 if you don't want multiple trades open.

    I know I owe the forum some backtesting results. In order to gain access to the same quality of test data Funyoo is using, I have opened a demo account with Alpari UK. Hopefully, this will allow me to do the kind of multi-year backtesting that folks seem to want to see. In the meantime, I have been forward testing this EA on USDJPY with theCollectiveFX with good results.

    The set file is included.

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    can you pleas post you set file for alpari because with this set file i didnīt get any good results

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    CCI Stoch Signal Indicators-cci-stoch-analysis-gifhi everybody ....

    according to me all ea based on oversold and overbought levels are a hell amount of real loss....

    stoch retracing crossover from a positive 50 level +cci breaking the +100 level that shud be entry point for a ea BUY...
    stoch retracing or crossover from a negative 50 level +cci breaking the -100 level that shud be entry point for a ea SELL....

    in this priority-
    1.stochaistics retracement or crossover
    2.cci -100 or +100 crossovers

    grt momentum +profit too+less trades

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