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    what version are you running? I have v5, maybe this is the issue, I just put in on M1, same thing man, only one trade at a time, not a trade after every new minute

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    I use version 1.05.

    Well... you asked for my set file and that set file is set to just have one trade open at the time and close it before next trade opens. I think you need to play around with the settings a little bit to understand what they do.
    Regards / JoLi

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    Default Special Addition

    I don't know if i even can ask Funyoo to make this happen. He do so much for us all that it sometimes feels like taking advantage of his knowledge and dedication.

    But i'll ask anyway.... Funyoo; if you have the time and think it's worth coding. Then you perheps could make some extra additions to this EA. Let's call it retrace features.

    The problem of today:
    The problem with this method has allways been that there are plenty of sellers/buyers at the breakout levels. That is pradoxically also the reason that this breakout method works. When the sellers/buyers aren't strong enough we will have out profitable run.

    But if the sellers/nuyers are strong the price will not breakout. Instead it will retrace... how far depends on how strong the sellers/buyers really are.

    More times then not the sellers/buyers are at least that strong to give the price a pusch back from were it came from. Since we all want good risk/rewards we tend to set the stopp as tight as we can without risking to get stopped out. So when the sellers/buyers are steping in the price will retrace and very often takes our stop loss.

    But what happens then....? I think we all have seen that frustrating thing. We get stopped out and then the price moves our way and the real breakout appers. But we are on the sideline.

    The soloution:
    When i traded this method manually i didn't enter the market on the first breakout attempt. Instead i waited for the price to retrace X pips back from were it came from. When it did retrace that amount of pips i put an sell/buy order at the very top/bottom + X pips (gap) that was made before the price retraced. I.e the high/bottom of the day.

    Then when the price made it's second attempt i was in the market.

    It was also important to have some kind of upside limit before the retrace. I mean if the price breaks out on the first attempt we need to decide how far it is allowed to go before that retrace happens.
    This is because that if we go to far away before the retrace we are most likly not going to have a retrace we want... more an exhausting of the price. And if so there's not worth even to try to get into the market.

    Could this be done Funyoo?

    1. EA needs to reach our breakout destination as it does now. But if Retrace function set to true there wont be any orders there ready to enter the market. Instead we wait for the price to retrace.

    2. When the price have retraced X amount of pips we put on a buy/sell order accordingly to the method.

    3. This order will be set at the new high/low that the price made before retracing.

    4. The order is set at this high/low + X pips (gap). Minus for the short one of course.

    5. If the price moves X pips above/below previous candles high/low without retracing our X pips back we will call it a day and stopp trading. We reset and wait for tomorrow.

    6. Of course we could have an option whether the EA is allowed to trade accordingly to these rules on the opposite direction. Meaning; if we have tryed on the long side and we have been force due to rule number 5 to stop trading we could trade on the short side.

    Hope all this make sense. It's is a far better approch, and hopefully more people will earn more money.
    Regards / JoLi

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    Default Funyoo, could you make some addition?


    Could you, when time allows, make some additions to this great EA.

    Today the EA only puts on 1 order on each side (sell and Buy). It would be great if the EA could, if choosen, put on 4 orders on each side ( i.e. 4 sell order and 4 buy orders) with individual SL, TP, BE-Gain, BE, Trailing etc. I would give this EA a whole new demension that i think would be really great.
    Regards / JoLi

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