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    Hi funyoo
    thanks for all your hardwork for me and really appreciate your kind of support to all of us .very hard to get someone like you nowadays
    can u just fix these another two ea's if you have time as this indicator looks very promissing and if you try to put on your graph for or two days and see the behaviuor u will understabd how it works and great things ,and these oscilator do not repaint , where you will see it's reaction and understand if you place on your chart .it can help you if you want to trade manually or ea so i would like to develop it into ea .I hope this is not causing you much time .Thanks once again .Kind Regards

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    Hi Funyoo

    I have tried and put this ea on demo their is no trade for last two days can u inform me the problem ? Tks

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    Hi eforex,

    Thanks for the explanation. I think that I understand the rules better.

    Here is a new code.

    The first set is for the first system with parabolic and ma filters, the second for the system with ST alone.
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ST MA Cross EA