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    Default ST MA Cross EA

    Hi funyoo

    I would like to request this new ea based on following rules
    1) SMA 5 crosses 9 and 9 crosses 14 and in same direction with following ST indicator crosing to open only when 9 and , blue line crosses the redline in the indicator. position to open when both terms are met .and all three moving average are in same direction .no position will be opened if the st indicator and sma 9 has not crossed the 14 day sma .please add distance to double the lots on x pips (which i will do it manually on currency pairs ) please make it as
    distance 1 = x pips
    distance2= x pips
    distance 3 = x pips

    all position to be closed on signal reverse and open the opposite position immediately on change of direction

    I have attathed the st indicator with this thread

    TF 15 M main pair eu gu but can be used for other pairs too
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    Please make another ea base only on st indicator blue line cross red buy & sell on tf 15 M. Target price to be adjusted in input . For all pairs
    I would like to give both ea a test and compare with big lot sizes and small tp

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    Please make GMT auto to broker so i do not need to out in input also will be great help
    in both the Ea Thanks

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    HI funyoo with first ea if you can add parabolic also to get the confirmationbefore opening the position means more filter but all should confirm in same directionmeans `9 sma `crosses`14 `sma `and `blur st mq4 indicatorcrosses red and has parabolic for final confirmation to open the position and all3 sma are in same direction u can see the graph on eu 15 M
    you will understand what is the story Thanks and appreciate all your support
    once again

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    Hi eforex,

    Sorry, but I have some difficulties to understand your english. I have added several options, you should be able to do what you want. Look into the code to have more informations. In your future requests, add some screenshots with some indications, it will be helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by eforex View Post
    Please make GMT auto to broker so i do not need to out in input also will be great help
    in both the Ea Thanks
    It could be possible, but a such feature would require dll and one day of developement. I have not that time.
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    Hi Funyoo

    Sorry for my poor English .I would like to know that this ea is from the first post or second post .For Gmt is Fine and i can add it by myself Thanks i will post the scrren shot now as they are two strategies with this the first post and the second post . which is with sma + st indicator +sar

    The second one is only on ST indicator .Thanks for your hardwork

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    for the first one
    please see that when 5 sma (yellow ) 9 sma (red colour) crosses the 14 sma ( aqua ) and in same direction ready to buy but will buy or sell once the ST Indicator confirms too, as blue line in st indicator has to cross the redline and all in confirm as 5 sma and 9 sma has crossed 13 and st indicator too crossed(fas a filter) then open position and close all postion on reverse and open opposite direction one the position is closed

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    here is the picture for the first strategy
    Attached Images Attached Images ST MA Cross EA-st-ea-with-ma-cross-filter-jpg 

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    The second strategy is just using the ST indicator on any tf adjusted by us to open and close position on cross of blue line . For example if u see that blue is cross at the bottom toopen buy and close on reverse and open sell on reverse vise versa .I hope did not confuse u so their are two one is with filter with sma (1st ea)
    2nd ea by using only st indiactor only

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    Hi Funyoo

    Once again before you alter the ea .Today it did not open any postion which is unsual as it should have open .Okay i think because of parebolic .I do not know the one you made does it has parabolic filter if yes .Please remove it just make it simple with sma and st indicator as my picture and first post wll be fine .I will give a test again with this one .Thanks

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