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Thread: Vol spread

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    Quote Originally Posted by TraderTero View Post
    Getting error: Cannot open Spread Analyzer.ex4
    Hi TraderTero,

    Indicator attached.
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    Default Choosing pairs to trade


    Which pairs do you trade with this system?

    I'm guessing that the spread is vital to success, the lower the better, what is the max spread you would trade with this system?

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    thanks Funyoo... good job

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    any pair

    depends what time frame your trading on spread, if you go small time frames trying to scalp a couple pips yeah spread matters if you go high time frames spread don't matter. just manage your risk to reward ratio, at the very least it should be 1:1, if you go higher time frames you can pull off risk to reward of 1:3 or so

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    Can you share a .set file with us based on your idea and ea created by Funyoo ?

    Are you using the advanced order settings ?

    Thanks !!


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    Also can you tell us the premise of the spread/vol ? Is it looking for weakness-strength with a volume measurement ?,Ect........?

    Thanks !


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    Also can you tell us the premise of the spread/vol ? Is it looking for weakness-strength with a volume measurement ?,Ect........?
    Hover your mouse over each signal thats what it's judging according to current spread/volume...weakness, no demand, selling pressure ect ect

    I don't have a set file yet, just started playing with it tonight

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    Keep us posted, thanks !

    I was not able to find decent settings.............


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    used on higher time frames and adjust the coeffeicient and lb settings...both higher

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    Default wadda filter

    Hi Funyoo, ea has been working super thanks for the work on it, just wanted to see if you could add one confirming indicator when you get a minute.

    I've attached a screen shot with notes for you to look at, I would like you to add the waddah attar explosion ea and it would be used in this way...

    When the volume spread indicator signals for example a green buy signal, the ea would then wait for the waddah attar to confirm the long trade by turning green and when wadda attar turns green for long it enters the trade. and visa versa for a sell. heres the imputs that would be needed.

    Use waddah attar confrmation: True or false
    # of bars to confirm in: (here we can specify the number of bars waddah would have to turn the appropriate color in, if waddah doesn't confirm in this many bars their would be no trade and the ea would reset and look for the next trade.
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