I have two questions about the possibility to graphical trading with MT4: Could be implemented something like as following semi-automatical trading tool for MT4 - could be supported by the MT4? If yes, how big is the estimated time effort for programming such a tool?
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Graphical trading tool with Trading-Equidistant-Channels

This tool should enable graphical trading with "Equidistant Channels" (MT4-button) hereinafter referred to as Trading-Equidistant-Channel TEC:

This should allow using trading lines by drag and drop without have to use constantly setting masks for the orders. Only the EA basic parameters should require such setting windows.

A. Principal components of the trading tool:
1. Graphical adjusted TECs which send automatic trade signals.
2. This TEC-Tool allows a (semi-automatical) trading with at least 3 TEC in one chart.

B. Principal points of trading (at least these points should be adjusted graphical by drag and drop):
1. Buy Order: Course line breaks up through the lower channel line (see alternatives: TEC-double-line). If the course line touches the upper channel line the present Buy Order should be closed again (TP).
2. Sell Order: Course line breaks down through the upper channel line (see alternatives: TEC-double-line). If the course line touches the bottom channel line the present Sell Order should be closed again (TP).

C. Points of EA basic parameters:
1. The TEC-double-line determines a pip-range (instead of the single line in B.1 and B.2) in which the orders (Buy/Sell) will be effect through following rule: Before the order execution (Buy or Sell) could be performed, the course line must penetrate the range of the TEC-double-line in the corresponding direction. Supplementary time rule: This range penetration of the course must be performed within a certain time of minutes.
2. Use of Stop Loss SL