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Thread: (Request) Yarara EA

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    yeah agentrfr,

    i tried the indicator manually....seems cool...but i did see it repainting..so can u pls advise me on its usage for the 1 hr chart? like how many candles should i wait b4 i enter when i see the buy/sell arrow? wait for the next candle? or 2 more candles later? or 3 more to be sure? thanks !

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    One candle. On default settings in only repaints arrows on current bar. If you work on prev. bar's signal, then its awesome.

    It just quite time consuming going through all pairs every 50mins, and EA would be perfect for this job.

    I agree with excluding Asian trading hours. Have this puppy only trade London/NY and it would be unbeleivable.

    The fish indi repaints, so I dont know if it'll work as a filter. Might work as entry though.

    Go for it funyoo! Can't wait!

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    thanks agentfrf for your prompt reply! but yeah its amazing if this indicator gets accurate entries if u simply wait for the next candle to open b4 entering the orders!

    i have observed the last 2 arrows on e/u h1 n seems spot on. lets hope funyoo does his magic on this indie asap!

    can i ask how long have u followed this indicator? any idea what this indicator is based upon?

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    I've been playing with it since Monday. It seems to use some calculation with the differences between four moving averages, something to do with ranges, but smoothed out by overlaying each other.

    Pretty simple as far as indis go, but it looks to be insanely powerful. And for the 3 days I've manualed it, it looks like it is a career changer.

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    This one is a winner. MUST wait for candle to end for confirmation to avoid repainting. Really cool stuff. I have tried it manually, it works!

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    I agree live trading last night works well with confirming indi. Just watch the repaint or you'll get chopped up.

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    PS I miss Funyoo

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    This thing on EUR/USD is unstoppable.

    I beg you Funyoo... This should be an epic EA.

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    USD/CAD with the yarara length set to 17 is also almost unbelievable.

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    I cant wait for funyoo to get this EA done and we can do some optimising.

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(Request) Yarara EA