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Thread: (Request) Yarara EA

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    I am forward testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monstar View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I just backtested this using the lfh trade simulator(not the ea) on the 5 min using "yarara" and confirming with "gg-rsi cci".The "gg-rsi cci" kept me out of bad trades.

    Nice addition what do you think agentrfr? Nice trending system.
    Very, very cool monstar. Is that EA code that made all trades or was it you manually?

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    Funyoo, the exit logic on the EA is still working on current bar arrows from yarara.

    The entry logic is perfect, but the exit logic is completely messed.

    It should ignore current bar, and only ever use previous bar signals.

    According to this logic, there will only ever be one trade open. A buy or a sell, never both fore more than one tick.

    The logic im trying to use is:

    At first tick of new bar:

    Check previous bar for arrow.

    1) If there is an arrow, enter trade in that direction immediately on first tick.
    2) If there is already a trade open in the other direction, close immediately.

    Ignore all signals from current bar.

    Using this logic, trades will be entered/closed on first tick, at candle open, never at candle close.

    Please have a look at it.

    All the best

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    No unfortunately not. It was manual trading.
    Just looking for a complimentary indi for confirmation.
    Seemed ok in that instance.
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    Fwd testing about 10 hours.....so far losing.

    entry is perfect though.

    Funyoo, How about using Hieken Ashi smooth as confirmation to filter out bad trades?

    I will continue fwd testing for entire next week.

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    yeah funyoo,

    pls sort the exit of the ea cos the entry is rite but exit also needs to wait for the previous candle's close to avoid the repainting errors.....i tried the yara ea n the vq ea both have same issues exit errors leadin to massive losses.. pls help with the exit logics asap bro! thanks!

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    Is this fix in thr works?

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    Fwd testing update: Loosing for the whole week I had to stop it.

    -fix/modify entry/exit logic as suggested above by post#33 by Agentrfr
    -Add a filter for sideway market - maybe a MA filter
    -or maye another indicator to filter out bad trades - maybe Voltmeter?

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    yeah funyoo....pls edit the ea to exit based on previous bar signal...pls help asap funyoo.

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    actually when you look at all the whipsawed trades and overlay the FX Fish from the other thread you can filter out nearly all of them, still keeping the good entries, by using avoiding opening trades when FX Fish is between the -0.3 and +0.3 lines. This is on H4.

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(Request) Yarara EA