(Req) The Ichimoku Breakout EA
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Thread: (Req) The Ichimoku Breakout EA

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    Hi funyoo.

    I just had an idea, but we need an EA to test it. It's relatively simple.

    First we need an Ichimoku. We place it on M5 chart.

    It works on a pattern on 3 bars. The first 2 bars set it up, the open of third bar is when trade is placed.

    To make simple my English, bars are ......1,2,3(current bar)

    Long entry rule:

    Bar 1 under or inside cloud. Bar 1 close above cloud.

    Bar 2 is bullish (only bullish. If not bullish, it is invalid)

    Bar 3 open enter buy

    Short entry rule:

    Bar 1 above or inside cloud. Bar 1 close under cloud.

    Bar 2 is bearish (close<open && open!=close)

    Bar 3 open enter sell

    Please look at pictures to explain what I mean.

    Simple TP and SL values.

    It needs simple time filter. Can only trade between 6AM and 8PM GMT

    Thank you for your time
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    I've made over 150pips today so far with this. Please have a look at it funyoo

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(Req) The Ichimoku Breakout EA