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Thread: (EA Request) CCI-MACD-EMA trend correlation

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    Default (EA Request) CCI-MACD-EMA trend correlation


    When you have the time, can you code this please.

    TimeFrame : H1
    Currency : All
    Indicators used : CCI 35 + Flat trend H1 + macd 8.12.1
    MA CrossOver Signal 5-7

    ADD your usual options: Money management, Time filter, Order management

    Rules Long positions :

    Correlation of 4 indicators :

    Between Zero line of MACD 8.12.1 with Trend CCI 35 which should go above zero
    + Green bar on Flat Trend and Arrow Green on MA Crossover Signal (Cross EMA 5 - 7)

    SL :50
    TP : open
    trailing stop: 50

    Exit with All Conditions Short (On Four Indicators)

    Rules short position :

    Correlation of 4 indicators :

    MACD 8.12.1 Cross Below Zero line with Trend CCI 35 cross Below Line zero
    + Red bar on Flat Trend and Arrow Red on MA Crossover Signal (Cross EMA 5 - 7)

    SL :50
    TP : open
    trailing stop: 50

    Exit with All Conditions Long (On Four Indicators)

    Good pippin all!!
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    I need help on exit strategy for this one. How about ATR?

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    Please also add QQE as another filter. Thank you.
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    Default Voltmeter filter option


    Also if you can add option for Voltmeter to filter ranging market.


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    Lets call it Macadamia EA


    similar strategy as FD91

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    I have been forward testing demo this strategy; very nice equity. It does take a long time to wait for signals since TF at h1 but so far so good. I don't see a reason why it cant be traded at lower TF.

    Funyoo; for the EA; just the basic strategy as post#1; plus the ability to trade at the other TF. Thank you. I think this EA is going to be big.

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