2000pips daily EA
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Thread: 2000pips daily EA

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    Hi again funyoo
    I Can imagine how busy you are with all the request from all the threads but pls when u have the time can u look again in the code. i tried the ea in so many options but still the step multiplyer does not work correctly beyond step 2 with mm on and beyond step 3 withh mm on false. there is no comment in the journal and no margin problem.

    Thank you

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    I have it in fwd test; mine opened beyond step3

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    6 major pairs; fwd test forex.com; MM on; turned 10K to 18K from in 1 week

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcajes View Post
    6 major pairs; fwd test forex.com; MM on; turned 10K to 18K from in 1 week
    What pairs are you running it on?
    And are you running on M1?
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    hi bcajes

    can u post settings so i can try it.

    Thx alot

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    blackdog u can run it on any pair on m1

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    do u use different multiplyer for every step or same for all?

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    default settings with MM1%

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    hi bcajes

    can u pls try 2 run it with different multiplayer for each step ? values dont matter and it can be the same figure for buy and sell just different value for each step and let me know if it placed rders beyond step 4 .

    thx alot

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    Hi Everyone,

    Demo testing this EA for two weeks vased on the latest version and set file. It didnt open one trade yet, and no comments on the journal. Does anyone else have another set file I can use.


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2000pips daily EA