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Thread: 2000pips daily EA

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    Default Backtesting results on with dukascopy data

    sorry guys did not bother to translate dukascopy tick .csv to .fxt, just did simple test, importing csv to .hst (something wrong with data on may 4th this is why quality less then 25% and 90%)
    However results are great if you use long time interval, this test from Jan 10 until now.
    Surely this EA should be run only on separate account and it can potentiality blow account. suggestion: move profit out when you can, lol.

    Attached pics and ziped statements. Oh, forgot to tell this is GBP/CHF with 6.4 pips spread!!! i will do combined statement with some pairs and see how this ea can perform on multiple pairs in basket, i wonder if we can reach any diversification, and low the risk.
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    Hi guys,

    I'm using the first version of 2000pips, live on my activetrade account. I have good results. please see my account at:
    I started trading 0.03 lots on a 2900 € account, but the amount was to small, in fact in case of strong movement (up or down) I risked a margin call. Now I'm trading only 0.01 lots, and the profits are small, but regular. Now the account is almost doubled. I would like to add a new pair in a few week. Is there someone trading live with 200pips?
    I would like to know your experience.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rgh View Post
    Hi XmPh,

    do you mind sharing the grid ea you found?
    I'm trading live with 2000pips, with good results so far......but I would like to try something new!.

    a Lot
    Here is the thread where I started over: 100% Win Math Grid Ea @ Forex Factory
    I'm now continuing improving on the EA starting from the above thread, and try to compile as much grid knowledge as I found on the internet.

    2000pips does not have hedge and one must wait until everything comes back in line to make profit. This is not good and as such, not much interest in keeping working on it. Just my personal opinion.

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    Hi Xmph, how it's going with your grid system?
    I tried following the thread you indicated me , but it is too long and there is too much material to be studied. Regarding 2000 pips , I'm trading quite well with it, but I would like to decrease the risk tradign with a different multiplier, and starting with an higher lot. For example, with a multiplier of 2 as per default, I would be able to trade about 9 levels from 0.01 lot to 2.56 lots, while with a multiplier of 1.4 I could trade 13 levels from 0.03 to 1.53 lots. I would have in this case more profit (I think) becuase I would trade 0.03 instead of 0.01, and would trade more safe having 13 levels insted of 9 (aasuming an amount of 10.000 €).
    I would like to play around the settings to undertsand if I'm right, but if I replace the multiplier with a 1.4 instead of 2 as per default, and do back test, I find that everythinf goes regularly untill the 5th level and the immediatly it opens a lot of 2.40 instead of 0.10 (starting from 0.03).
    do you have any idea of what could be wrong?
    do you think my idea could be right?

    Your opinion is very welcome.

    p.s. you can see my live statement on myfxbook (secchia).

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    this is amazing ... any idea whats the best MM i should go for? $100 to trade 0.01?

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    Hi James: I don't think it is possible to trade this ea using only 100 $. I'm trying to understand how to modify the settings, in fact it seems that modifying the multiplier the order progression doesnt' work properly.

    Hope someone can help about this problem.


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    Ok how about $100.00 on cents lot? the multiply of 2 seems to look good.

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    is there a way we could close all trades after the 4th level or something and start all trade all over again? i notice this method always starts well and then die later. so we close all trades and accept some losses on the 4th or 5th level and start all over again.

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    Another version with valid dynamic multipliers/steps/tps. The way to code is different and not yet perfect, it would need some check orders functions. The original code was too complex to work well with these various parameters.
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