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Thread: (Requests) Ichimoku Scalper and MatinMA

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    Default (Requests) Ichimoku Scalper and MatinMA

    Hi funyoo

    It has been long time since I last saw you online. I hope everything is well.

    I have two requests.

    1) Ichimoku Scalper

    It is very simple. Just need to use HG_0001a as filter.

    Buy when:

    Previous bar closes above cloud, and current bar is above cloud.
    Chinkou Span is above its respective price. (In coding it can be previous bar close price is higher than close of 26 bars ago)
    SL set at lowest low of last 3 bars
    TP at 20
    HG_0001a confirms with blue bar for previous bar.
    And all your usual settings.

    Sell is same rules in opposite.

    2) MartinMA

    This is super simple EA.

    We have two Moving Averages.

    When the faster MA is above slower MA, we buy.
    When the faster MA is below slower MA, we sell.
    Close on opposite signal.
    If last trade was loss, use martingale lot size.

    Eg. trade 1 was 0.01 lot, and loser. Trade 2 will be 0.02 lots. If trade 2 was loser, trade 3 will be 0.04 lots. When we win, lots reset to 0.01.

    Many thanks.
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    Hi Agentrfr,

    Here is Ichimoku Scalper and MartinMA.
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    Thank you very much Funyoo. You've just made my week

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    Hi funyoo. Im afraid I was not specific enough on the Ichimoku scalper.

    Can we only enter a trade when the cloud is broken out of. What I mean is:

    For buy, previous candle must open below or in cloud, then close above it.

    Opposite for sell.

    Thank you funyoo.

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    Hi funyoo

    I really believe in this system. So I will be very specific in explaining how it should be programmed:

    We trade on two bars. The current bar, and the previous bar (set-up bar).

    There are a few things to be true for a bar to be a valid set-up bar:

    A buy signal set-up bar
    1) The bar opens in, or under cloud. It closes above cloud.
    2) The closing price must be greater than or equal to high of bar 26 bars ago (27 bars ago from current bar)
    3) HG filter must be blue for the set-up bar

    A buy signal current bar
    1) The price opens above cloud.

    If the set-up bar is valid, and the price opens above cloud, a buy is entered.
    The SL is set in the middle of the current cloud. TP is a set number of pips. Each pair has a TP value. For example: USD/ZAR on M15 chart is 205 pips (I make 140 pips daily with this manually).
    There is no trailing profit or break even.

    Vica versa for Sell. SL still set at middle of cloud. TP set number of pips.

    For a re-entry:

    33% of the time, the TP will not be hit, and price will retrace into cloud, but not hit SL. Then another signal is generated. When this happens, a second buy/sell MUST be made, but the first buy/sell's TP and SL move to the same values as the new buy/sell.

    Please have a look at this funyoo, it is unbelievably powerful with Chinkou Span confirmation of 5pips or more and HG filter.

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agentrfr View Post
    Here is a new version.
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    Hi funyoo. Brilliant work. There is just an error in the logic:

    The chinkou confirm rules:

    For sell, chinkou is 5 pips or more below low of relative chinko bar (the bar 26 bars in past from current)
    For buy, chinkou is 5 pips or more above high of relative chinko bar

    i.e: For valid buy, open price must be 5 pips or more above high of 26th bar ago. The opposite for sell.

    The auto StopLoss is calculated as the mid price in the cloud: (cloud high + cloud low)/2

    Thank you funyoo

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    I notice u have created many threads, are u forwarding test on some of them, please share myfxbook links if u do, Thanks.

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    Being in South Africa, internet is unbelievably expensive. Rather than having an ftp:// update for all my accounts every 5 mins, I will start a thread and show the results of everything I test.

    Many thanks to Funyoo for coding all these wonderful EAs. Lets hope we can get my manual strategy for the ichimmoku scalper working

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(Requests) Ichimoku Scalper and MatinMA