MACD + CCI strategy EA
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Thread: MACD + CCI strategy EA

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    thank you Funyoo

    Forward testing..... :-)

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    I suggest putting it on 10 pairs and a time and letting it accumulate equity as fast as possible before the blowout...

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    Hello Funyoo, could you please add pip step distance for martingale option in the ea?

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    Here is a short forward test for this ea on a few pairs, it will blow account soon, but with fix i suggested it will last a bit longer anyway its up 100% in a day )
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    Cyrillic - what's your setting

    I'm guessing Martingale, 5m charts, and others all default?
    audjpy looks good, I don't see eurusd.
    Almost no float position, so when u think the acct will blows up?
    This system was created back in 3rd quarter of 09, and it's still going along great as of now!

    I want to forward test on AlpariUK also, but I'm getting daily disconnect here in the U.S.

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    when you have the time, can you add the multi TF order as well. The option to trade when conditions are met in other time frames. Thank you.

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    Hello funyoo, i have also found that the ea was trading in the wrong direction, and when i set reverse martingale gets disabled, could you please fix it.

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    that is strange: even trading on a "wrong direction" it double the account! then I guess that the wrong direction maybe the right direction... or no matter what direction it takes anyway!

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    Took it long enough until it blew up, good news is that it took account to 700% in three days which is pretty much what i would expect from an ea like this (mind you there was no manual intervention (since it was the first test and i was testing ea not my ability to detect faulty trades. The blowout happens when ea stacks alot of trades very close to one another (in 15 pip range it stacks all of it martingale positions) and price goes against it (it doesn't happen very often but seems to be the main cause of blowouts. Judge for your own selfs ( and no martingale is not terrible if it blows you account, in my opinion its supposed to blow your account, the question is how will it make before doing so.)
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    Multi Management Setting:



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