FX5 SelfAdjustingRSI / Xbars [request]
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Thread: FX5 SelfAdjustingRSI / Xbars [request]

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    Exclamation FX5 SelfAdjustingRSI / Xbars [request]

    Hi there funyoo,

    First up, I love Xbars. I know you are extremely busy and all, but, I would like you to turn your attention to this thread rather than the original Xbars thread that you have not replied to in a very long time.

    Using all of the same settings and parameters from the original Xbars, can you code the FX5 Self Adjusting RSI indicator into it the current release of the Xbars EA?

    I think this might be a little more precise in calling an RSI figure of the MACD indicator?

    After you post the EA I will definately test this on MyFxBook.

    Thanks for understanding.


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    Hi danau,

    I've looked at your indicator. Still too sensitive for me, I think. Now if you could add a MA of the RSI (blue line), this would be more promising.

    Perhaps a 'smoothed' TDI might offer better entries/exits. It's 'self-adjusting' too.

    Cheers, S.

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    Thanks for the info Snowski.
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FX5 SelfAdjustingRSI / Xbars [request]