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Thread: Martin Wanted

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    Default Martin Wanted

    I'm looking for martingale with these features:
    It needs to trade when I drop it on, I have my own entry method:
    Adjustable spacing in pips for each multiplier level:
    Adjustable lots for each level:
    Adjustable TP for each level:
    If one TP is hit it needs to close all:
    Needs to be modern/ ECN and 5 digits.
    Thanks a bunch.

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    Erm... I could have a go at coding this, but the problem is that it will select all open tickets and martingale them. This means you drop it on one chart and it will martingale EVERYTHING. So any EAs you have will be pretty much nullified. The only way I can think of you entering a trade manually is to run a special script that adds a magic number to the trade, and the EA handles the magic number of its own.

    Are you okay with that?

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    Yeah that would be great, I dont typically have any else running on this acount. Usually just a single pair at a time so should be fine. If I do multi pairs I could always change the magic number before dropping then it should only control those trades on that chart correct? Thanks !!
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